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Another Code Red event!

Valorant Code Red 2 Tournament Results

Valorant Code Red 2 Tournament Starts Today!
Are you ready for the Valorant Code Red 2 Tournament? (Credit: BoomTV)

The Valorant Champions Tour is currently on a short break before Challengers Stage 3 in early April begins. Fear not though, there's another Valorant Code Red Tournament that started yesterday!

This isn't the first Code Red Valorant tournament we've seen, as another happened exactly a month ago on February 25. Here's everything we know about the next edition of the North American event.

March 26 Update - The Results

Code Red 2's list of teams was revealed right before the event kicked off and the full list of teams was as follows:

  • Team Fuslie
  • Team fl0m
  • Team Ludwig
  • Team Classify
  • Team Punz
  • Team Blaustoise
  • Team Jake'N'Bake
  • Team Peter Park

Team punz and Classify clashed in the upper bracket final with punz coming out victorious. Classify weren't done though as they managed to climb back into the grand final after defeating Jake'N'Bake. In the finale, we saw another instance of punz dominating Classify this time with 2:0. In case you missed the show you can watch the full video on BoomTV's Twitch channel


For their victory at Code Red #2 punz earned $6000 out of the $10k prize pool. The team consisted of:

  • punz
  • sapnap
  • SOFA
  • zayt
  • wils4nn

When is the Valorant Code Red 2 Tournament?

Code Red will return with a second edition for all Valorant fans out there on March 25. The event is once again organized by BoomTV and it'll offer a prize pool of $10 000. That's a bit lower than the stages of the Valorant Champions Tour but still on the high end for a third-party event.

The Teams

One thing that's not clear is the participants. The eight teams will be revealed later today as the event draws closer to its start. We can at least speculate that some of the teams from the first iteration will be there. Most likely the champions Team Wokez - wokez, Grimm, J4CK, Fiji, Chippo. As for the rest, it'll be anyone's guess but you can once again expect a mix of Twitch streamers that focus on Valorant and even some pro players.

BoomTV already revealed some of the players that will be at the event. The organizers received some slack for the first event when they broke their own rules - "Max of two radiants or two professional players on the team".

Hopefully, this time things will be more balanced.

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