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Who saw it coming?

Valorant Cheater Solista Banned Live on Stream

Valorant Cheater Solista Banned Live on Stream
Solista was quite shocked by the ban! (Credit: AntiCheatPD via Twitter)

Radiant-ranked NA player Solista got banned live on stream for cheating. During a stream, the player got dropped out of a match and received the bad news.

Before the official release of Valorant, Riot Games made some promises and managed to keep some. Not having cheaters in the game, was not one of them though. It was an optimistic dream, supposed to come true with Riot's custom-made anti-cheat Vanguard. The latter is a hit-and-miss: sometimes it bans people automatically and sometimes pro players that used cheats in official games remain undetected.

Solista Banned Live on Stream

North American player Solista was one of the highest-ranked players in the region, but now he can no longer play the game. Solista achieved the rank of Radiant only to get banned live during his stream for cheating.

Solista has one of the highest headshot percentages in Valorant, which was suspicious to many. Well... now we know why. Allegedly though, Solista's ban didn't even come from the Vanguard anti-cheat: Users submitted a suspicious video of Solista getting kills without clicking the mouse. Solista himself explained that he uses the space bar to shoot. Yeah, right...

Something else that had people intrigued was Solista's reaction to the red screen. Where usually a player would rejoice that a cheater got busted, he was visibly shocked and scared. Solista himself hasn't yet confirmed nor denied using a cheat and his Twitter account remains silent. His Twitch channel is also unavailable and that's probably a sign that everything got deleted.

Vanguard might not be as efficient as everyone hoped, but the community is. Solista wasn't banned automatically, and it probably took numerous reports of him being suspicious to identify the cheat. Have you played against cheaters in Valorant? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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