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The Next Stage Of Valorant's Champions Tour is to be held in Germany

Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 3 in Berlin

Valorant Champions Tour - Stage 3 Berlin
The next location for Valorant's Champions Tour has just been revealed! (Credit: Riot Games)

In a press conference, earlier today, Riot Games announced the next location in the Masters stage of their Valorant 2021 Champions Tour - Berlin. The competition is going to Germany, where regional teams will get the chance to compete for one of sixteen positions in the global Championships, taking place later this year. 

Throughout 2021, Riot Games will be giving teams the chance to compete first at Challenger level, then Masters, and eventually Champions. The second stage of the Masters was held in Reykjavík just days ago, and teams: NUTURN, Crazy Raccoon, and X10 have secured their position on the world stage. Now, it's only the teams from Brazil and Latin America left to compete for their spot at the Championship!


Where will the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 3 Take Place?

The final Masters event in this year's Valorant calendar will come to Berlin, where a full 16 teams (so, 6 more than Reykjavík's 10) are going to come and compete for a chance at the Championship. Riot Games also stated that they were going to try their best to allow for people to physically attend the event, but also made it clear that this might not be possible. Given the current situation, it would be unlikely, but that's no reason not to enjoy the stream from the comfort of your home. 

When is the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 3?

The Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 3 will take place between September 9 -19, and as with other Masters events, winners from the remaining regions will be guaranteed a spot in the Championship. If you're lucky enough to attend, you'll be heading to the Verti Music Hall, the same location as League of Legend's 2019 group stage, and maybe you'll catch a glimpse of the trophy they revealed: 

Valorant Masters 3 2021 Trophy
Who's going to claim this beauty at the Valorant Masters Stage 3? (Credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games also announced that they were in partnership with HyperX, the now official mouse and keyboard supplier for the event. Speaking of HyperX, why not compete like the pros and get yourself some HyperX gear? More details below... 

Some exciting news from Riot Games as Valorant continues to capture the imagination of pros and players alike, for all things Valorant do yourself a favor and join EarlyGame today!

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