Day 1 of the Valorant Champions is Over, and it Was Mad...

Valorant Champions started off with a bang. With three intense matches coming out of Group D and C, day one was an exciting start to the world's first VCT, and we've got your full summary of how the day played out.
Valorant Champions Day 1
Valorant Champions kick off with a bang | © Riot Games

The first day of the first-ever Valorant Champions is over. With some spectacular D group match ups like Fanatic v. Cloud 9 and Vision Strikers v. Full Sense, it was a day full of adrenaline filled gameplay and tense moments of action. Here's how it went:

Match 1: Vision Strikers vs. Full Sense

Vision strikers snag the first win of champions
Vision strikers snag the first win of champions | © Riot Games

The day started off with a clash between the highly skilled Korean team: Vision Strikers vs the up and coming Thai team: Full Sense. Despite both teams ranking very highly in the Asian circuits, Vision Strikers had a clear edge over their rivals from Thailand, stomping in both games.

Dominating their first game on Haven, Vision Strikers finished the first half with 9:3 then won the map 13:5. This continued in game 2, with Full Sense having no time to recover.

Vision Strikers continued their onslaught on Breeze, finishing first half with 9:3, then securing their first VCT win with a 13:8.

It was an explosive start to champions, securing Vision strikers the first win of Valorant Champions 2021.

Vision strikersFull sense

First half

Second half135
First half93
Second half138

Match 2: Vikings vs. Crazy Racoons

Vikings steal the win from Crazy racoons
Vikings steal the win from Crazy racoons | © Riot Games

Match 2 featured the Brazilian team Vikings vs the Japanese team Crazy Racoons, two very similarly skilled teams from very different circuits. Both teams played at their best, and the matches were all very close. However, Vikings managed to collected themselves late game and took it home.

The first game was on Icebox, during the first half both teams seem to be evenly matched, resulting in a 6:6 tie. However, as the second half came around, the Vikings collected themselves, stealing more kills and finishing the game with 13:9.

The second game on Haven played out very similarly, with the first half resulting in a 6:6 tie. But, much like the game before, the vikings shifted the balance late game, and finished with 13:9 resulting in a hard fought win for the Vikings.


Crazy Racoons
First half66
Second half139
First half66
Second half139

Match 3: Fnatic vs. Cloud 9

Fnatic win the first clash between NA and EMEA
Fnatic won the first clash between NA and EMEA | © Riot Games

The final match of the day was the highly anticipated clash between EMEA's Fnatic and NA's Cloud 9. Representing the age-old battle between EMEA and NA, both teams were out to snag the win for their region.

Game one on Icebox was all about Fnatic. They were playing better than ever before and kept Cloud 9 on their toes, finishing the first half with 7:5, then taking home the win with 13:11.


Cloud 9


First half

Second half1311


First half



Second half


First half84
Second half1412

We're going to be covering this Tourney throughout, so check back for more Valorant.