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Valorant Bug Allows Viper To Block Flashbangs

Valorant Bug Allows Viper To Block Flashbangs
Viper can ignore flashbangs! | © Riot Games/Gandalf Design via Artstation

It seems like every week players find a brand-new game-breaking bug in Valorant. This time it's all about Viper and her being able to entirely block a flashbang. Here are all the details.

You'd think that Valorant would be in a much better state after a full year of its release. While most small patches tend to fix a whole lot of bugs, the bigger updates probably add more of them. Some of these bugs remain undetected for who knows how long until players finally stumble upon them. One of the hottest bugs in Valorant right now features Viper.

Viper Can Block Flashbangs With Her Poison Cloud

Flashbangs aren't something that you can usually avoid, especially when they're right in front of your face. There's one exception though – Viper. The agent can exploit a bug in the system to entirely block the effects of an enemy flashbang. How exactly does it work? The bug was revealed by Reddit user hippopanda.

Viper's Poison Orb can block flashes before blocking vision from VALORANT

As you can see in the short clip, Viper is able to completely ignore the blinding effect of an enemy flashbang by activating her Poison Cloud. Moments before her smoke activates, Viper seems to be immune to the flashbang. This means certain death for some of the duelists that rely on their crowd control to make an entrance. Phoenix and Reyna were featured in the video and the bug will probably work for other blinding effects. The worst part is that Viper can press the button on reaction and get the edge.

Some of the more experienced Viper players can abuse this. Don't forget that Poison Cloud isn't a one-time use ability. Viper can deploy it and then relocate it to an entirely different spot on the map. This means that multiple flashbangs can be blocked. Another player discovered the bug back in February and even documented it in a Youtube video.

This flashbang block seems to work on other smokes as well, but Viper's Poison Cloud is the most abusable one. She can directly control when to activate it and it's reusable. Considering this bug has been in the game for almost half a year and Riot still haven't done anything, it's probably here to stay. It's time to play some Viper!

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