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We ran into BONECOLD at the Valorant Berlin Masters and hit him up for an interview. The pro from team ACEND shared his opinions on their recent match against SuperMassive Blaze in the group stage and are now looking toward their upcoming playoff matches.

Team ACEND battled hard, and took second place in Group A along with Vision Strikers, qualifying for the Berlin Master playoffs starting on September 17. Team ACEND's first playoff match is against 100 Thieves, but what does BONECOLD have to say about his times at the Berlin Masters so far...

BONECOLD Interview at the Valorant Berlin Masters

Thomas Le: Hello everyone, my name is Thomas from EarlyGame. I’m currently behind the camera, but in front of the camera, we currently have BONECOLD from Team ACEND. Hey, how are you doing?

BONECOLD: Hi, I’m doing really well. Very nice to win against SMB (SuperMassive Blaze)...and we’re waiting for the match tomorrow against 100Thieves.

So how did you feel after the final round? What went through your mind?

I really can't explain. Well, mostly I had sweats dropping from my forehead and my adrenaline was pumping through my heart, I really can’t answer that [question]. My mind was empty when we lost, I mean when we won. Sorry, yeah, as you can notice, my mind is still a bit empty.

You guys were really struggling in Game 1, losing 6-13 to SMB. Game 1 was kind of rough for you guys so how did you guys come back from this mental break down?

I mean, we had some slow starts on officials [games] and scrims, like we‘re really used to it. ... I feel like both teams felt a lot of pressure because one of the EU teams would be going out of the group. We wanted to get the momentum going towards our side and I feel like that is one of the biggest factors why we won the game.

Now obviously Game 2, you really killed it. Your Brimstone in Bind was just the chef's kiss. How would you rate your own performance with Brimstone on Bind?

I really enjoy playing on Bind, and I really like Brimstone, since it really fits my playstyle a lot. And I feel Brimstone is a really good agent on the map. His smokes are extremely strong, you can play post, plant with it, and stop rushes, and you have a ton of usage with the ultimate on the map.

After winning this game and moving on into the playoffs, do you think we can still win this tournament?

100%. We had some slow starts since it‘s our first international tournament. We didn’t expect to lose to Vision Strikers, so that put us down a bit. But as for the other games, we played really well on our normal level. We don’t feel that much pressure anymore, so we are going to play even better and get back to our old form since we made it out of groups.

I like confidence. So - you’re taking 1st place, but who is taking second?

Uh, a hard one. You know, we saw how Sentinels performed. I'd like to have the hyper run verse Sentinels. So that would be my dream match-up for the finals.

Rapid-Fire Questions with BONECOLD

We at EarlyGame like to keep things spicy so we asked BONECOLD some hard-hitting questions in a rapid-fire round of questions, and he gave us his best speed run!

Thomas Le: Now let's move to the more interesting part of the interview. Because I believe that a lot of our readers and people on the internet in general, are interested in the person behind BONECOLD as well. So what I'm gonna do now, is ask you a bunch of simple and short questions and you have to speedrun through all of them. Are you ready?

Favorite food of all time?

BONECOLD: Pizza with cheese crust.

Cats or dogs?


How do you like Berlin so far?

Berlin is a really amazing place, I really love being here. I've been to Germany many times before, but my first time in Berlin.

If you have to delete one agent from the game, who would that be?

Uh, I would delete Jett!

Favorite Finnish insult?

Hmmmm, I really can't say this out loud, I’m sorry. (laughs)

Favorite fast food chain?


Summer or winter?


If you were trapped on a deserted island, which teammate would you bring with you?

I would bring starxo! For his singing and huge energy.

Favorite color?

Hmmm, ocean blue.

Oddly specific. Greatest movie of all time?


Do you watch anime? Do you have a favorite one?

I can't remember the name... Jujutsu Kaisen?

Your favorite music genre?

It really depends, can I say two? Rap and Metal.

Have you tried a Kebab in Berlin yet?


Nice. And last question: Best Valorant team at the moment?

Acend! (laughs)

Perfect. That's it. Thank you for the interview, BONECOLD. Kiitos!

Huge shout out to BONECOLD and team ACEND for taking the time to speak with EarlyGame and if you have missed the action from the Berlin Master, check out G2 Dethrones Sentinels at Valorant Berlin Masters.

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