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Astra and Skye Changes Might Be on the Way

Astra and Skye Changes Might Be on the Way
Skye hasn't seen many changes since her release. (Credit: Riot Games)

Riot hinted that we might see more buffs for Yoru in the near future but the same could be said for Astra and Skye. A Valorant developer revealed that they're monitoring the most unpopular agents.

Valorant already has 15 agents on its roster and with the upcoming patch 2.08, another one will be added. While those aren't the most impressive numbers, some agents are clearly more favored than others. Yoru, Astra, and Skye are all but forgotten and rarely picked, and it comes as no surprise that we might see some changes to them soon.

Why Astra, Yoru and Skye Need Buffs

Yoru was the latest Duelist to get added into Valorant and his pick rate is still on the low side. Astra, the latest agent that came with patch 2.04 isn't enjoying popularity either. The third offender on the list is Skye, an Initiator that's also seen by many as support. All three agents have terrible pick rates for various reasons.

  • Yoru plays quite differently from any other Duelist we've seen so far and that doesn't fit the playstyle of many.
  • Astra is a bit threatening to beginners since all of her skills and star placement require good map knowledge and experience.
  • In most cases, Skye is a worse version of Breach, and she really needs her team to play along with her.
Agent Astra Valorant
Astra is the big brain agent that nobody plays. (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant developer Coleman "Altombre" Palm joined a discussion on Reddit and revealed that Riot are monitoring these three agents.

Yoru already got his share of buffs in the 2.06 patch. Despite that, he's still not picked as often as the other duelists: Jett, Phoenix, Raze, and Reyna. Fear not, more buffs are on the way for Yoru, so it's just a matter of time.

Will we see the same thing with Astra and Skye? Astra got a buff with patch 2.07 which improved her Gravity Well - affected enemy agents can now be interrupted while defusing. Skye on the other hand is the odd one out as she hasn't received any notable changes since she was released. According to Altombre, we might be seeing general tweaks that might alter how these agents play in order to make them more popular.

We’re always thinking about if there are ways to improve the experiences that we have on live, though, so that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t explore tweaking aspects of them in the future if we think it’d make them healthier or more fun to play.

Do you play Yoru, Astra, or Skye? Do they need more changes with the next Valorant update to make them viable? Tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter!


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