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All We Know About Valorant’s Agent Shatter

Shatter valorant agent

Will Shatter be the next duelist? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant’s Act 3 is still underway but it’s rumored to be coming to an end in January. The next agent joining the roster is supposedly Shatter. Here’s all we know about him.

Riot’s tactical shooter is currently in a Christmas mood much like many other games. Valorant introduced two new weapon bundles with various skins for the holidays. Slowly but surely Act III is coming to an end and the conclusion is expected somewhere in the middle of January. The current act is a bit longer than previous ones we’ve seen but that’s easily explained with the season.

Shatter as the Next Valorant Agent?

The last agent to join the roster of playable characters in Valorant was Skye. She was generally well-received by the community. So, who’s next? Apparently, it’s “Shatter”.

In a recent blog post, the Valorant developers revealed that the next agent will be filling the role of Duelist.

That said, we wanted to sneak some insight into the future here. The year will tear open with a Duelist for all you “lurkers” out there, who will keep you on your toes around which angles are truly safe.

Data miners already uncovered some pictures within the game files that reveal what Shatter might look like.

Shatter valorant game files

Shatter in the Valorant game files. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Chances are we’ll get to see more of Shatter during the WWFest. The latter is a digital music festival and the result of a partnership between Amazon and Riot Games.

The event will feature a number of artists and we'll maybe get more info on the next agent. (Video Credit: Crown Channel via YouTube)

The event is set to kick off on January 15/16 (depending on the region) 2021.

Shatter’s Abilities

We already know Shatter will be a duelist. Agents that are currently defined by that role include Jett, Phoenix, Reyna and Raze. They have either great mobility or ways to sustain some heavy damage. Whether Shatter will follow that pattern remains to be seen.

According to rumors, the new agent will have an ultimate that’ll clone him. The decoy can then explode and deal damage while another ability might make his footsteps silent. If that’s the case, he’ll play quite differently than the other four duelists we’ve mentioned. Instead of a direct approach, Shatter players might have to rely on stealth and flanking more than anyone else in the roster.

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