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Most picked agents in the Valorant Meta

Valorant Agent Meta Patch 2.05: Agent Pick Rate Ranking

Valorant Agents by Pick Rate
Let's look at the most picked agents! (Credit: Riot Games)

What is the agent meta in Valorant Patch 2.05? That is exactly what we are looking at today. Who makes the top of the Valorant agent tier list. Who's the hottest agent with the most kills and which ones are picked the most in Valorant Patch 2.05. Let's get into the current agent meta stats

For the purposes of this Valorant agent tier list analysis, we had a look at the middle segment of ranked players in Platinium 3. The pick rates remain mostly the same throughout all upper ranks of the competitive game mode, though.  

Most Picked Agents in Valorant Patch 2.05

Next up, you should know that we went for the top 7 agents and ranked these powerhouses in reverse order. So, without further ado, let's have a look at the most picked agents in Valorant patch 2.05.

7. Sova

sova valorant agent meta patch 2.05 most picked
The best agent at gathering intel. (Credit: Riot Games)

Sova comes in at seventh place on the tier list with a solid 14 average kills per match and is picked in 1.3% of matches played. Rounding off Sova's performance, this patch has an insane 51% over 2,000 matches.

6. Killjoy

valorant agent meta patch 2.05 pick rate killjoy
Solo Control any site! (Credit: Riot Games)

Killjoy is a great sentinel that can easily solo defend a position or bombsite and that's why she sports an average of 14 kills per match. She is picked in 1.6% of matches from a sample of 2,100 matches in Platinum 3 of competitive mode. To top things off, Killjoy has a win rate of 51%, making her the 6th most picked agent in the current Valorant meta.

5. Raze

Valorant Agent Meta Patch 2.05 Raze
Raze is soooo good! (Credit: Epic Games)

Raze sits in the middle of the Valorant agent meta tier list in Valorant Patch 2.05. She is arguably the most straightforward agent to play in the game. With a solid 16 kills per match, Raze comes in with a 51% win rate in 2.8k matches and a 2.1% pick rate. 

4. Omen

valorant agent meta patch 2.05 pick rate Omen
Omen has a lower KD but still is a solid choice. (Credit: Riot Games)

Lurking in at number 4 on the agent tier list is Omen, who always seems to be present in the Valorant Meta. This is no different in Patch 2.05, where Omen sees a 2.3% pick rate over 3,000 matches. While Omen doesn't have very strong offensive abilities, his ultimate always causes chaos and easily disrupts enemy positioning. Omen has an average of 15 kills per match, with a 49% win rate, making him a good choice if you want to support your team. 

3. Reyna

Reyna valorant agent meta patch 2.05
Reyna is a great solo choice but hard to play. (Credit: Riot Games)

Reyna's place in the Valorant meta has slowly been rising. In patch 2.05, Reyna has a massive 17 kills per match and was picked at a rate of 2.7% over 3.6k matches played. However, Reyna's win rate is only 48%, which is on the lower side of this tier list.

2. Sage

She is not just your healer! (Credit: Riot Games)

Keep trying Riot, you still haven't nerfed Sage enough, because she now sits on top of the Valorant agent meta in patch 2.05. While Sage only gets an average of 14 kills per match, her win rate is insane! At a 51.3% win rate, she is simply the best pick for any team in terms of winning. Sage appears in 2.8% of matches and her ultimate still remains the best part of her kit. 

1. Jett: The Most Picked Agent in Valorant Patch 2.05

Classic! Jett is at the top of the Valorant Meta (Credit: Riot Games)

Jett remains the agent with the highest skill cap in Valorant and sits at the top of the patch 2.05 agent tier list.  A huge 17 average kills per match and a crazy 3.2% pick rate make Jett the most picked agent in Valorant's competitive mode. While her win rate sits only at 50.6%, she secures First Blood in 19% of matches she is in. Jett's ability kit works so well since Valorant is so slow-paced and see can just move faster than every other agent in the meta.  

When the next big patch comes out, we will be back with another analysis of Valorant's Agent Meta.

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