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Who is Agent 18?

Valorant Agent 18: Abilities, Role and Release Date

Valorant Agent 18: Abilities, Role and Release Date
Who'll be agent 16? | © Riot Games

Valorant's Episode 3 Act 1 started on June 22, and it added KAY/O as the 16th agent. Since Agent 17 was already teased earlier, let's set our sights on Agent 18 and what we know so far.

There are currently 16 agents in Valorant, but that number is set to increase to 18 by the end of Episode 3. That is, unless Riot decide to skip an agent with one of the upcoming Acts, like they did in Episode 2 Act 3. Now, you might be wondering – why are we discussing Agent 18 when Agent 17 isn't out yet. To put it simply, Agent 17 was revealed to be Deadeye, and we know very little about Agent 18. That makes it way more interesting!

Agent 18 Codename, Abilities, and Role

Just recently, the codename of Agent 18 was discovered by data miners, and it's "Sprinter".

While the final name of the agent might be different (Grenadier was actually KAY/O), the codename gives us some hints about potential abilities. Sprinting in tactical shooters including Valorant isn't usually possible. In order to achieve the highest possible movement speed, players will have to bring out their melee weapons. Sprinter might be an exception to that rule and will either have no penalty to movement speed from other weapons or extra movement speed with a knife. Either that, or the new agent will simply have some sort of ability that boosts movement speed.

Sprinter's role is also unclear but currently, there's a lack of Sentinels in Valorant. Here's the distribution:

  • Duelists - 5
  • Controller - 4
  • Initiators - 4
  • Sentinels - 3

All of that is pure speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. We won't know for sure until the agent officially comes out.

Agent 18 Release Date

Let's start right off the bat and say that Agent 18 will probably be coming in a few months. That's approximately October 19 since that's when we can expect Episode 3 Act 3 to drop in.

What are your thoughts on the potential abilities of Agent 18? Will it be the Tracer in Valorant? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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