Controller or Duelist?

Valorant Agent 14 Abilities and Name Leaked

Leak reveals agent 14 stealth abilities invisibility ultimate battle pass image

Agent 14's abilities all look excellent. A new T1 Agent maybe? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Agent 14's abilities were leaked as we approach the launch of Valorant’s next act: Agent 14 has an insane invulnerability ultimate that turns him invisible. Is he even an agent or actually a superhero with godlike powers? Let’s take a look now.

Yoru loading screen

A Russian leak. It translates into 'Yoru'. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Agent’s 14’s name is still unconfirmed, but a possible leak suggested that his name is Yoru. This remains unconfirmed by Riot Games and the same goes for Agent 14’s abilities. However, in-game footage shows his abilities, and that is much harder to fake, so it's pretty solid evidence.

Agent 14’s Abilities

  • Z: Creates steps sound ahead of you that trail off, they last a long time.

  • X: Is a flash that explodes once it hits an object or surface.

  • C: Place a portal or fire it ahead or anchor the portal with Alt-Fire. Press the ability button to teleport through the Portal.

  • Q: Ultimate: Press fire and turn invulnerable for a short time then turn invisible.

With these abilities we could see Agent 14 as a Duelist or Controller, and he definitely gives us some serious Omen vibes. Maybe they know each other! On January 12 there will be a big Valorant update, but nothing official has been posted by Riot Games yet, with the most recent post being another Ask Valorant session on 24 December.

That’s all for now, Agents! EarlyGame is the best part of the game, so come check out our Valorant section for everything you need to know.

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