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Valorant: Account Leveling Explained

Valorant: Account Leveling Explained
What are these numbers? You're about to find out! | © Riot Games

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 is live, and we already saw the full patch notes for 3.00. What exactly is the new account leveling feature? Here's all you need to know!

Valorant's patch 3.00 introduced a lot of balance changes and tweaks to the in-game economy. In addition to that, it also balanced the dreaded Run and Gun mechanic and introduced Account Leveling. But what exactly is Account Leveling? We're here to give you all the info.

What is Account Leveling in Valorant? 

The first and most obvious question might be, "What is Account Leveling?". The answer to that has nothing to do with boosting, as it's simply a fancy way of showing your progress in-game and rewarding you for playing the game. Nice right? There are various items that you can earn by simply leveling up your account as much as you can.

Account Leveling was first revealed as an upcoming feature with the YR1 events and rewards blog post. 

Account Leveling Valorant Episode 3
Account Leveling as first seen in the YR1 blog post. | © Riot Games

What Are the Numbers Above My Player Card?

The number above your player card represents your level and will grow bigger the more you play the game, thus giving you better rewards at the end of the Act. With the 3.00 update, Account Leveling is already active and players are noticing some changes in the interface. One of the most obvious ones is the numbers above the player card.

It all makes sense, right?

What is AP in Valorant?

You might also be wondering, "What the hell is AP?". AP is short for Account Points, and it's simply the type of experience you get by playing to level up your account. You'll need 5,000 AP to level up your account once. Here are some ways to earn AP:

  • First and foremost, you'll earn AP by playing matches
  • The amount you get will vary depending on match duration and result
  • You'll get extra AP for your first win of the day

Note that AP is strictly going to your account level and won't give you anything extra in terms of Battle Pass or contracts. If you haven't played for a while, worry not, as Riot added AP retroactively, based on how much you've played in the past.

July 7 Update – Account Leveling Was Bugged All Along

Riot Games claimed that Account Leveling in Valorant would be retroactive, and they weren't wrong. The thing is, they weren't entirely right, either. Players received some levels upon their initial log-in in Episode 3, but it wasn't all properly calculated. Today, account levels all over the board will jump depending on the time you've played Valorant before the feature was introduced.

To put it simply, Account Leveling wasn't properly working, and it didn't reward the longtime players. With the upcoming patch 3.01 that should be fixed completely.

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