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Is Astra any good?

Valorant 2.04 Agent Tier List

Astra Valorant 2.04 Agent Tier List
A new patch means a new meta! (Credit: Riot Games)

There's a new patch in Valorant and in addition to the balance changes we saw the introduction of the brand-new agent Astra. How good is she when compared to the rest of the cast? Find out in our agent tier list!

Patch 2.04 is live in Valorant and players are already instalocking the new agent Astra. Let's take a look at the current meta and rank each of the agents!

S Tier


Right now Jett is the most picked agent and that's no surprise. She's great in the hands of the right player and her mobility is unmatched.


They keep nerfing her but she just refuses to go down. Sage is still considered the best support in the game and she offers options in a variety of situations. Plus you can bring a teammate back to life which tips the scales in your favor..

Raze Valorant
Raze is the explosions expert! (Credit: Riot Games)


Raze was OP back in the day mainly due to her ultimate but after a couple of patches she got toned down. Nowadays she's still one of the best picks and excels at surprising enemies.


The Hanzo of Valorant is quite popular and very good at scouting. Sova's popularity is high not only in pubs but also in pro matches and for good reason.


Astra is the latest addition and her kit is still unfamiliar to many players. The dev team will be following her closely and she'll probably get some nerfs in the next few weeks as with most new agents.

Valorant Breach
Breach is the best initiator in the game. (Credit: Riot Games)

A Tier


Breach is THE initiator of Valorant and he can make some insane plays with his abilities.


Brimstone got buffed over and over and wouldn't you know it, he's a viable pick now. With plenty of crowd control to offer, he can isolate entire areas of the map.


Cypher's skill cap is a bit higher than the average agent but once you get to know him he's pretty irreplaceable. His ultimate will often clutch you the round.

Valorant Omen
Omen took some heavy nerfs in the last few months. (Credit: Riot Games)


Omen was probably going to be in the S tier but nerfs over the last couple of patches have brought him down a bit. He's still good, just not as much as he used to be.

B Tier


Killjoy wasn't as popular as some of the other agents but she still has a place in the meta. It's just that there are other better picks.


Phoenix is the classic duelist with a second life. If you want to rush in and storm the front, he's the agent for you. He's also the only duelist with a built-in heal which allows him to sustain more damage than the average agent.

Valorant Reyna
Reyna's pick rate dropped A LOT. (Credit: Riot Games)


Much like Omen, Reyna was probably going to be a tier or two above but recent nerfs brought her down. She used to be the go-to solo queue agent but right now she's more famine than feast.

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C Tier


Everyone was hyped for the second support agent but it all turned out to be in vain. She offers an area of effect healing which is rarely useful when compared to sage and Skye doesn't exactly have that much solo queue potential.


I really wish Viper was better. She keeps getting buffed over and over but we're all waiting for that one buff that'll make her OP. Unfortunately, she's still no there and other controllers outclass her.


Your's design is pretty cool but that's where it ends. He doesn't bring that much to the table and he's outshined by other duelists.

That concludes our tier list. Do you agree with it? Share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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