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Valorant 2.01 Patch Notes Now Live!


Shortly after 2.0 comes patch 2.01 for Valorant: 2.01 Patch Notes

Episode 1 of Valorant is already behind us, and Patch 2.0 went live recently, launching Episode 2 Act 1. Now, Riot Games have already released the next update: Valorant Patch 2.01. What's new? We'll tell you!

The latest Valorant Patch, 2.01, came out on January 20 and brought mainly changes to the map Split, and a change to Jett. Let's take a look at it.

Valorant Patch 2.01: Agent Updates


  • Duration of smoke lowered 7>4.5 seconds.
In keeping with the tactician adjustments from Patch 2.0, we've now taken a look at Jett's smoke. In patch 1.0, we increased the duration of her smoke from 4 seconds to 7 seconds - and we're now reversing that. This change basically made Jett a replacement tactician, and aggressive teams could quickly take an area with her cloudburst even without a tactician. We've found that duelists displace those agents that provide more support. We'll take a closer look at that in the future. Jett can use her smoke to create a short period of time for quick action. This defines her style, but this period must be short enough that the team must rely on the tacticians if they want to block the view longer.
Valorant Split

The biggest changes in patch 2.01 comes in the form of a big Split revamp. (Source: Riot Games)

Map Updates in Valorant Patch 2.01

The majority of the Valorant 2.01 patch deals with Split. The map has been changed in many places. Riot Games sum up their intentions here:

"This split update focuses on improving the opportunities for attackers on the map, reducing the number of 50/50 angle checks, cutting out some deep corners, and making areas more open by widening some narrow spots."

The changes are pretty small-scale, so we'd like to highlight just a few of them. If you want to see everything, you can read the official patch notes here.

  • Passage at B Main Widened:
This should make it easier for attackers at that point, and defenders won't be able to control the eye of the needle as easily. There is now a crate on the other side of the door that attackers can use as cover, so abilities can be thrown at the area from a new angle.
  • Placement Area Increased:
This gives attackers more room to place the spike and defend the area from B Main.
  • Entrance to the ventilation room widened
  • A diagonal wall has been added to the ventilation room, eliminating a 50/50 angle check when coming from the center.
The new feature also protects you from attacks from the center through the wall.

Some other small changes have been made to make Split a bit more comfortable for attackers.

Yoru Valorant

Are you looking forward to sneaking across the changed Split with the new agent Yoru? (Credit: Riot Games)

Some other changes in Valorant Patch 2.01 involve things outside of the game itself.

Updates to Rated Mode

  • Results of your own matches can now be hidden in match history.
Many of you, especially the pros, wanted to be able to hide your own matches in match history. This way, you can practice without others being able to spy on your strategies. We wanted this feature before the Challenger matches so you can practice in peace.

Social Updates

  • The "Add Friend" button is now only available for team members. Opposing players can no longer be added.
    • Team members in privacy or streamer mode cannot be added as a friend.
  • Queue restriction for players who go AFK in-game or before have been adjusted.
    • We are making sure that those with connection problems are not punished too severely, and that those who intentionally go AFK will also face appropriate consequences.
    • For a few turns, players will now be forgiven for going AFK, but repeated or permanent abandonment will be punished with queue restrictions.

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Article originally written by EarlyGame's Faris Delalic.

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