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Valorant beef between 100 Thieves and Riot!

Valorant Team 100 Thieves THREATENS Riot!

Valorant Team 100 Thieves Fined
Riot fined 100 Thieves during the VCT Masters (Credit: Riot Games)

During a Valorant VCT Masters match, 100 Thieves was fined $5000 and had their coach suspendedHector ‘FrosT’ Rosario apparently forced the tournament officials into some unprofessional drama leading to said fine and suspension. Let's take a look at who said what!

In a recent Valorant VCT Masters match between 100 Thieves and Immortals, 100 Thieves’ conduct outside of the match was deemed “unprofessional” by Riot tournament officials leading to a cash fine and a suspension of the coach.


The tweet leads to a massive wall of text explaining the entire incident and it’s actually pretty crazy what the 100 Thieves coach tried to pull off. During game 2 of the series, the 100 Thieves coach suddenly disputed the server choice the game would be hosted on because the ping was too high and gave a “peeker's advantage.” 

Only one side of the heated conversation can be heard and it escalates into aggressive language quickly. No one can deny that the 100 Thieves Coach is passionate about a fair match for his team but perhaps just lacks the diplomatic skills to avoid being unprofessional. FrosT lays it all out in a 4 part tweet showing how serious he takes his job.

100 thieves coach tweet
What a boss! Sometimes the coach takes one for the team! (Credit: Rosario)

Some important points here: the “threat” was the particular comment, “if you DC us, you are in a bigger shitstorm than we are.” This was used by Riot to claim it was some kind of thinly masked threat that 100 Thieves will use their SM to leverage Riot Games into a favorable decision. 100 Thieves completely disagrees with Riot's take and the org is in full support of the coach’s actions. So in an odd twist of fate, they are now using their SM to leverage Riot..but not about a peeker's advantage but over an unfair fine/suspension.    

After seeing the video and the post by Riot, it's really hard to say who is in the right or wrong here. 100 Thieves chose to delay the tournament causing a delay in the end. While the delay was in the spirit of fair play, delaying a match for 1 hour is a disaster for the production and streaming of an esports event.

Are the fine and suspension going too far though? The coach had some really valid points in the short video posted on 100 Thieves Twitter account and the dispute over ping is logically sound for us competitive try-hards. 

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