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Top 5 Valorant Fan-Made Agent Concepts

The Top Valorant Fan-Made agents
It's only a matter of time. | © Riot Games

For the past year, Valorant has added a total of five agents and we're still waiting on Agent 16. In the meantime, the Valorant community has been hard at work, designing interesting concepts for potential new agents.

Today, we won't be talking about Agent 16. Instead, we'll focus our attention on the community, and some of the best Valorant agent concepts we've seen so far. Here's what caught our eye.

The Best Valorant Agent Concepts


The Top Valorant Agent Concepts Chenoa
Chenoa was one of the first agent concepts. | © u/bayleaf97

Before the rest of the concepts, there was Chenoa. Originally submitted by bayleaf97 on the Valorant subreddit, the post gained significant traction. Chenoa utilized her owl companion in some of her abilities. Here's the full list of her skills:

  • Basic Ability 1 - Ghost Tracks: Reveal the most recent footprints that opponents have left in the last 10 seconds.
  • Basic Ability 2 - Screech: Deafen every enemy for a short duration within hearing distance.
  • Signature Ability - Third Eye: Place Wahu on your shoulder for a short duration to have him watch your back.
  • Ultimate Ability - Soaring Owl: Send Wahu to a deceased ally somewhere on the map to turn him into a ghost that can roam the battlefield. Wahu can be hit by the enemy team in the air if spotted.

What's more interesting here, is that Chenoa's concept is somewhat similar to Skye. The latter also has a tribal look and uses animal spirits to provide support. Coincidence? I think not!


The Top Valorant Agent Concepts Mamuro
Many of the concepts are inspired by Japanese culture. | © u/VisiblePerson

Mamuro was one of the first community-made Valorant agent concepts to attract the attention of the fanbase. The Japanese samurai combines lightning with swordplay.

  • Basic Ability 1 - Heaven Roar: EQUIP a paper version of the map you are playing on. Select the place where you want to send lightning and press RMB. After 1.5 seconds lightning strikes the place, deals 40 damage, and blinds enemies. Works up to 80 meters away. Blind lasts 1.5 seconds.
  • Basic Ability 2  - Overload: EQUIP a discharge of electricity and upgrade different types of weapons (LMB – Upgrade Ally/RMB – Upgrade Yourself). Pistols mark the enemy, SMG & AR get increased damage by 10%. Rifles reload faster.
  • Signature Ability - Thunder Cutter: EQUIP a blade of thunder to deal damage or destroy a projectile flying at you.
  • Ultimate Ability - Rising Thunder: EQUIP a blade of thunder and sacrifice 50% of your health to transform into an electric demon armed with a blade that deals 50 damage. Any damage will inflict periodic damage to the enemy for 3 seconds. Ult lasts 35 seconds.

Mamuro is still unique as there's no melee-focused agent in Valorant even today. Perhaps we should be looking forward to a thunder-based samurai?


The Top Valorant Agent Concepts Vice
Vice looks like a complete character! | © u/gravemindrk

The next concept on our list is Vice, an anti-hero duelist type of agent who relies on mobility to flank enemies. Here's the full list of his abilities:

  • Basic Ability 1 - Soulfire: Press to EQUIP a Soulfire Spark. FIRE at any corpse, even through walls, to light a Soulfire on top of it. Reactivate to INSTANTLY start a fast-acting, blinding explosion originating above the corpse. Enemies are only informed that a Corpse has been trapped if they are within 5m of it. Vice can see all Corpses through walls.
  • Basic Ability 2 - Dreaded Pathway: Press to EQUIP a targeter. FIRE at any corpse to channel to it, even through walls. After channeling, you swap places with the Corpse, transporting your talisman with you to the same location. Enemies can only hear the sound from your arrival location.
  • SIgnature Ability - Intonjutsu: ‎‏‏‎ ‎Vice INSTANTLY places a destructible Talisman on the ground beneath him. Killing an enemy while the Talisman is on the ground teleports you back to it. The Talisman can remain on the ground indefinitely, but becomes INACTIVE after you teleport back to it.
  • Ultimate Ability - Double Cross: ‎‏‏‎ After a brief channel, Vice swaps places with his Intonjutsu Talisman / Vice's next kill places an invisible Intonjutsu Talisman and a Soulfire Spark on the target's Corpse. Recast to channel and swap places with your Intonjutsu Talisman. Enemies can only hear the sound from your departure location. At all times, Vice's Ultimate Charge, Readiness, and Usage are concealed from Enemies.

Vice certainly offers some interesting gameplay, but maybe he's too reliant on using corpses?


The Top Valorant Agent Concepts Merino
Merino is another agent that relies on mobility! | © u/byAmel

Merino was designed to be a controller, and he even has some actual backstory:

Merino is an Italian scientist who worked for the kingdom. He stole some developments and with the help of the device he injected radianite into the water. Now he will take revenge on the radiants. Thanks to the water, he can move quickly, create passages, protect allies and also enhance his abilities.

His abilities grant swift movement around the map:

  • Basic Ability 1 - Water slide: Merino shoots water to create a road. All agents increase their speed by 30% and it disappears over time.
  • Basic Ability 2 Mariana Trench: Creates a "Hole" in the wall through which all agents can go and eventually it disappears.
  • Signature Ability - Dense Structure: Merino can give an ally or himself a shield of 50 units that reduces the audibility of footsteps.
  • Ultimate Ability - The last chance: Merino drinks water with radianite, resetting and restoring all his abilities, and also improves the indicators of abilities: Water slide - movement speed increases to 50%; Mariana Trench - Can only be used by allies; Dense Structure - Cancels the increased damage to the head.

Merino's Mariana Trench is somewhat double-edged, as it can also be used by enemies in its normal state.


The Top Valorant Agent Concepts Samat
Samat hails from Egypt. | © @haddockkkk via Twitter

Samat is an agent that's clearly inspired by Egypt and its mythology, and that's even visible in her kit. Samat is focused on sound and somewhat similar to Yoru. She was revealed just a day before the official release of Yoru, and it's interesting how both agents share a similar theme. Here's a full list of her kit:

  • Basic Ability 1 - Dual Fire: Equip a Dual Fire speaker. Fire to throw the speaker. Activate the speaker to create false gunfire sounds that last for 2.5 seconds.
  • Basic Ability 2 - Amplify: Equip an Amplify grenade. Fire to throw the grenade. Upon landing, the grenade goes covert. Upon Activation, the grenade turns into a molly, which will amplify enemy footsteps and allow teammates to hear walking.
  • Signature Ability - Scarab's Cry: Equip a Scarab Beetle. Fire to throw the beetle on the ground. Upon enemy contact, the beetle will activate and latch onto an enemy, making them hear the cries of a beetle. The enemy is deaf until they remove the beetle.
  • Ultimate Ability - Hear No Evil: Equip a sound device. Fire to activate the device. Everyone within a radius is rendered deaf for eight seconds.

While none of these agents have made it directly into Valorant, we've already seen that some concepts and abilities can be found in Riot's shooter. Which fan-made agent concept is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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