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Top Plays from Valorant Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik


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The Valorant Masters Stage 2 Reykjavik was the biggest Valorant event we’ve seen so far. Ten of the best teams from around the world gathered in Iceland to determine a champion. In the end, Sentinels grabbed the trophy with a complete stomp over Fnatic in the grand finals of the tournament. With their victory in Reykjavik Sentinels were the first team to qualify for a direct invite to Valorant Champions later this year.
Despite that, Sentinels weren’t the only team that made insane plays during the event. You’ll find that while Tyson “TenZ” Ngo was crowned the grand finals MVP at Reykjavik he wasn’t the only top performer in Iceland. Today we present you with some of the most intense moments from the Stage 2 Masters!
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