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Sinatraa Will Stream Valorant Again

Sinatraa MVP
Sinatraa used to have it all. (Credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games are still investigaing Jay "sinatraa" Won but the Valorant pro player might soon return to streaming on Twitch.

Jay "sinatraa" Won was suspended from the Sentinels Valorant team back in March due to sexual allegations. Riot Games started their own investigation into the matter and the latter is still ongoing. In the meantime, sinatraa claimed he'll soon return to streaming Valorant on Twitch.

Won was accused by his former girlfriend in March and his suspension from Valorant followed swiftly. 

The pro player has been lying low for the past few months with both his Twitter and Twitch accounts remaining silent. Now, there is news that sinatraa will be making his return to the most popular streaming platform.

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Is Sinatraa Back On Twitch?

The Valorant pro player was banned by Riot and suspended by his team, Sentinels. Sinatraa still can't compete in the pro scene, and he's not even allowed to travel to the upcoming Stage 2 Masters tournament. Technically, he's still part of Sentinels, and it's not clear whether he'll return once the investigation is set and done. It'll probably all depend on the outcome. On the other hand, his return to Twitch seems imminent.

Will Sinatraa Stream Valorant Again?

Sinatraa appeared during one of the streams of his current girlfriend and mentioned that he'll "be back streaming no matter what". Won also shared some images on his personal Discord channel where it's clear he's practicing on the range. During the short clip, sinatraa also expressed his uncertainty if he'll make a return to the pro scene as well. The pro player's last Twitch stream was briefly before the ban in March, but we're sure many will tune in once he returns.


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