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Pressure is starting to ramp up.

Sinatraa Gets Emotional on Stream After Playing With ShahZam

Sinatraa Gets Emotional on Stream After Playing With ShahZam
Sinatraa got ostracized on Twitch. (Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Sinatraa was banned from entering Valorant events for six months by Riot Games. In his latest stream, the player got emotional and left in tears.

Valorant just had its biggest-ever tournament with the Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik. Sentinels won the event without losing a single map and became the first team with a guaranteed spot at Valorant Champions. There's one important detail though: sinatraa wasn't part of it. Sinatraa initially got suspended by Sentinels due to sexual assault allegations made by his ex-girlfriend. As a result, Sentinels had to loan TenZ from Cloud9. Riot Games led an investigation of their own and since sinatraa refused to cooperate he was banned from competitive Valorant for 6 months.

Sinatraa Breaks Down on Stream

Sinatraa missed one of the biggest Valorant events up to date, but that's not all. The pro player's career in Valorant is also under question. Sure, the ban will be gone by September, but the official investigation led by the police is still underway. Depending on the outcome, he may never return to the Valorant esports scene. Up until recently, Won wasn't even streaming Valorant. Now that he's back, the reaction wasn't what he expected. Sinatraa played a game with his teammate ShahZaM, and then burst into tears before ending his stream. The reason? Viewers in ShahZam's chat were questioning why he would play with sinatraa.

It's clear that the player isn't taking it lightly, and the pressure is starting to get to him. Sinatraa commented:

That’s what happens when I play with other streams. That’s why I don’t do it, because the chat just attacks them nonstop.

ShahZam’s Take on the Situation

On the other side of the screen, ShahZam had to explain himself to his viewers:

I didn't realize people will feel so strongly about me and think I'm taking a stance or some statement or some bullshit. I don't support rape.

We highly doubt that the two former teammates will be queuing up again soon. While sinatraa is still technically part of Sentinels, his future with the team is quite uncertain. Sentinels just signed TenZ as a full-time member, and that might mean they won't be waiting for sinatraa's potential return.

What's your take? Is sinatraa judged too harshly? Does he deserve it? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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