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Well, he's certainly not enthusiastic...

Shroud: New Valorant Agent Astra Is Broken!

shroud valorant agent astra broken
Is Astra really that broken? (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant will soon get a new agent: Astra. In a stream, Shroud expressed his concerns about Astra. He believes that the new Agent is broken, and should not be available in this state. Why? Well, that would be because Astra is OP as f**k!

The new agent hasn't even officially appeared in Valorant yet, and already there are critics. Shroud reacted to Astra's announcement in a stream on Twitch, directly saying that "This agent is broken!”.

shroud valorant agent astra broken
Shroud isn't convinced yet... (Credit: Shroud)

But why does Shroud think that? Well, even though Astra's basic abilities aren't particularly strong, her Ultimate is a real threat to the game's balance. In her astral form, she can see when someone is disarming or faking a bomb. As Shroud says: “It's so broken!”

“If Astra appears like this tomorrow, it's broken. If Astra appears in this form, with no changes at all, it just is. The fact that you can just see it is violent. It has to change!"

According to Shroud, the developers should abandon the fact that Astra can see everything through their ultimate. It's just too powerful. Fortunately, the developers have already confirmed that they will make changes to Astra.

Whether Astra is truly overpowered, or ends up finding the right balance, will be seen when the new agent is officially released.


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Original article was written by Laura Pippig.