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Shroud Calls for Valorant 5-Stacks, Devs Respond

Shroud calls for Valorant 5-stacks, Devs respond
Shroud agreed with Hiko. (Credit: Shroud via Twitch)

Last week in Valorant we saw Spencer "Hiko" Martin call the game's ranked system "trash". A day later, Riot released a surprise competitive update. Over the weekend, shroud called for the return of 5-stacks and a Valorant dev responded.

The Valorant ranked system has been getting a lot of hate lately. First, it was Hiko who called it trash, only for Riot to release an update on the next day. Whether that was just a coincidence is unclear. Now, Valorant streamer and resident guru shroud called for the return of 5-stacks since those queues were removed earlier this year.


Are Valorant 5-Stacks Coming Back?

Shroud is definitely not the first Valorant streamer/pro player to complain about the game's matchmaking. It has been a hot topic for over a year now and things haven't changed much. Valorant still has problems with cheaters, smurfs, and account buyers but the most important issue at hand is quality matchmaking. The latter is quite hard to achieve when players can't queue with a stack. The latest update "tightened matchmaking skill" but that didn't resolve the elephant in the room.

Ranked is literally hot garbage because of this duo queue bullshit. Such a bad dynamic.

Riot Games removed the 5-stacking in Valorant's higher ranks in order to improve the overall experience when grinding the ranks. Sadly, this idea backfired horribly and most of the players hate the fact that you can't gather your friends and play with them. This makes playing with random people frustrating for many. Shroud went as far as to ask whether 5-man stacks will be coming back into the game and he got a response from RiotEvrMoar on Twitter.

EverMoar also added:

Our main concern is that one ranked playlist becomes the real "ranked" mode. We will probably try a few other things first, we don't have plans for it currently.

It's certainly good news that Riot is trying to improve the game's matchmaking. Unfortunately, there's no telling when they might come up with something or bring back the 5-stacks, if at all.

What's your take on the matter? Should 5-man stacks return to Valorant? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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