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Shroud Reveals a Game-Breaking Scope Bug in Valorant

Shroud Reveals a Game-Breaking Scope Bug in Valorant
Shroud is on the case! | © Riot Games

Famous Twitch streamer Shroud is taking the role of a Valorant detective again. This time, the streamer revealed a game-breaking scope bug in Riot's tactical shooter. Here are all the details.

We already reported on a Valorant bug yesterday when players discovered that a certain wall on Split is made out of paper. It allows for one-way wall bangs that can give you the edge if you use it. Today we continue with a brand-new bug. What are Riot Games even doing at this point?

Shroud Reveals a Scope Bug in Valorant

There are only a few weapons that are dependent on using a scope, that being the two snipers – the Marshal and the Operator. Considering the latter can kill with a single shot to the body, players would take every advantage they can get with that weapon. Twitch streamer and Valorant guru Shroud revealed the latest bug in the shooter. This time, it's all about the two scoping options in the settings.

In Valorant, much like any other shooter, you can choose to either "Hold" or "Toggle" in order to zoom in with a scope. Usually, both options should give you the same result, with the choice being there simply for player comfort. That's not the case in Valorant, as shown in the clip above.

Using the "Hold" option makes scoping much faster than "Toggle". Once players know about this difference, we doubt that anyone would choose to stick with the "Toggle" scoping option. There's still no official response from Riot Games on the matter, and it's unclear whether the bug was always in the game or came to be in one of the recent updates. No matter the case, a hotfix will probably be deployed sooner or later. If not, we can always look forward to patch 3.02 which is expected to drop next Wednesday, July 21.

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