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Of course he did

Shroud Predicted the Solista Ban in Valorant

Shroud Predicted the Solista Ban
Shroud, more like Oracle. (Credit: Shroud)

Solista, one of the highest-ranked Valorant players in North America got banned during a live stream for cheating and Shroud predicted it.

Michael Grzesiek, better known as Shroud, made a career in CS:GO before retiring and focusing on streaming. He's currently the resident guru in Valorant and often describes the game's huge potential to his viewers. Shroud predicted the outcome for Solista, one of the best Valorant players in North America (at least that's what many thought), who got banned while streaming Valorant.

What happened to Solista?

Solista got banned for cheating, and it happened during one of his live streams for everyone to see. It wasn't long before the clip and his ban exploded in popularity. Ironically, just a few days earlier Solista received praise from Shroud. The latter was impressed by Solista's skills with the Guardian and commented that in a year he'll be in the pro scene. Either that or getting banned.

At this point, we all know which of the two happened. Solista's ban wasn't an automatic one by the Vanguard anti-cheat. Instead, it was player reports that led to a manual ban which left the player shocked. Some are still defending him and giving Solista the benefit of the doubt, but more suspicious clips are resurfacing. Like the one where he doesn't click the mouse because he uses the space bar to shoot. Right, Solista. Right.

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Hours after the ban, Solista's entire Twitch channel is nowhere to be found. The Solista ban raises one big question - how many other players are actually cheating? Riot's custom-made anti-cheat seems to be rather bad and at the end of the day, manual bans are the only way to deal with cheaters. What do you make of the whole situation? Share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!


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