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It depends.

Should You Stop Crouching in Valorant?

Should You Stop Crouching in Valorant?
Not crouching might improve your aim. (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant just had its one-year anniversary since the closed beta the other day and that got us thinking. Should you be crouching when shooting in Valorant? The answer is complex.

There's a high chance that you came to Valorant from another shooter. If that was CS:GO, your crouching habit is totally understandable, but should you crouch in Valorant? Let's first take a look at why crouching is a thing.

Why Do People Crouch in Shooters?

In most shooter titles, crouching gives you better accuracy and less recoil. CS:GO is a great example as it's one of the oldest and most popular competitive titles out there. Players also crouch to reduce their visibility and get better control of the spray pattern. The latter is quite important in CS:GO. Each weapon has a certain spray pattern that you can memorize and learn to control in order to tighten the spread of your shots.

CS:GO Valorant Spray Pattern M4
The M4 has one of the easiest patterns in CS:GO. (Credit: Valve Corporation/WarOwl)

Crouching also has one more added benefit. The higher you go in the skill levels the more opponents will be trying to one-tap your head. By crouching in the exact moment you'll be able to dodge that lethal bullet and kill them instead.

Should You Crouch in Valorant?

We've covered what crouching is all about, but the question remains - should you be crouching in Valorant? Well, some benefits still apply to crouching, as you'll be harder to see at a long distance, and you'll get better accuracy. When it comes to spray patterns in Valorant, there's one major difference. They're almost never the same.

Valorant Spray pattern Vandal
The same weapon in three different cases. (Credit: cs-club)

As you can clearly see there are some slight differences between the three. Bullets fall into the same zone but not in the same spot twice, so the randomness in Valorant is certainly greater than that in CS:GO. It's not all bad though as weapons in Valorant are easier to spray control. Here are some starters that you can try in the practice range. You basically have to do a mirror motion of the spray pattern in order to tighten the spread.

Valorant Spray Patterns
Try these in the practice range until you get comfy! (Credit: Reddit)

Before we can give a final answer to the question we must mention one more thing about Valorant. Weapons in the game are quite accurate with the first few shots which is another major difference to CS:GO. This makes crouching a bit unnecessary for accuracy purposes.

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Crouching makes you more accurate and improves your recoil, but it makes you a sitting duck. The only instance where you'd want to crouch in Valorant is to dodge a high-skill player trying to remove your head and even then it's probably not worth it. Most players will aim somewhere around your chest and that spells instant death if you crouch. Overall, crouching in Valorant is a bad habit, you gain no significant benefits and force yourself into a bad position.

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