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It’s all gone.

Riot Revert Valorant’s Patch 1.11

Valorant patch 1.11 revert
Image Credit: Riot Games

Remember Valorant’s update from yesterday? We neither, since Riot took patch 1.11 away due to severe technical issues.

With Valorant’s Act III already being live many fans expected the big update on October 27 which was supposed to bring the new agent Skye and much more. Riot kept their word, kind of. While patch 1.11 was in fact released yesterday and we even covered it, the devs decided to pull it all back due to some serious technical issues.

Patch 1.11 brought a lot of changes like a small update to the economy, the new agent Skye, the Icebox map entering the competitive pool, and more. A lot of us hoped that the patch will fix some of the more common in-game bugs. Instead, it brought a whole new array of glitches, some of which are qualified for a Halloween event. We’re talking about Sage’s character assets randomly appearing in a smoke. It's unintentionally terrifying.

Besides the unexpected scare, players also noticed other problems like stuttering when getting a headshot and more. Furthermore, the rollback of the patch brought additional glitches. Some players got stuck on the left-hand model and had no option to bring back the right-hand one. The only way to fix it seems to be through the practice range and the general settings there.

As we’ve already told you, patch 1.11 added Skye and Icebox into the competitive mode. Riot mentioned that it’ll take a few weeks before we see the new map and agent in the esports scene. With the additional delay, that period will surely increase.

The latest update came two weeks after the release of Act III and many fans were eagerly awaiting it. Sadly, Riot will need more time to fine-tune things. An expected release is “later this week” which might mean just in time for Halloween on October 31 (or later).

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