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It'll be back, probably.

Riot Revert the Latest Valorant Patch

Riot revert the latest Valorant patch
Vanguard caused some issues. (Credit: Riot Games)

Every new Valorant patch should be something to be excited about, except this last one. The latest Valorant patch was rolled back by Riot Games since it was causing issues for a lot of players.

We're all waiting for the next big patch in Valorant aka 2.06, but so far Riot have been releasing small updates. The latest patch had something to do with Vanguard, everyone's favorite anti-cheat system designed by Riot Games.

While it doesn't really stop hackers as much as we imagined a year ago it still has a special place in our heart and the kernel-level of our systems. Anyway, the new patch brought more harm than good as it caused the game to crash for many of the players.

Potential PC issues resulting from Recent Valorant Patch from VALORANT

Reddit users were on the case and according to them, the bug will most often affect players using a Ryzen-based system. The problem was confirmed by some notable members of the community.

A potential fix for some of the users was revealed by Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham, if you're using FACEIT that is.

Riot's Solution: Roll Back Recent Valorant Update

Eventually, Riot decided to go with the most logical solution to the problem - rolling back the patch. A few hours later, Riot Games also confirmed that, in fact, the reason for the crashes was the FACEIT app interfering with Vanguard.

As mentioned in the tweet above, the best way to fix the problem will be by either uninstalling or updating FACEIT (if you're using it). Patch 2.05 proved to be a bit more problematic than usual with many players experiencing different sorts of technical issues. Let's hope 2.06 will have a better launch!

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