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The pros have spoken: Breeze is out!

Breeze Is Too Hard! Riot Removes it from the Masters Map Pool

Breeze is out of the Masters LAN (Credit: Riot Games)

Massive news in the Valorant esports scene! The latest map Breeze has been officially removed from the upcoming VCT Masters LAN. But why did they take this new map out of the competitive map pool for Reykjavik? Let's ponder this sudden decision made by Riot Games

The Valorant Masters LAN in Reykjavik on May 24 will not include Breeze in the map rotation. Riot Games decided not to force its pro players to learn this map in the arguably short amount of time it would take for squads to learn it. This is the single biggest Valorant tournament in the young's game history, so they want competitive integrity to be paramount.

Why Did They Remove Breeze from the Reykjavik's Map Pool?

According to the VALORANT Champions Tour, the pro teams have all agreed that Breeze should be removed from the competition. Apparently, there is not enough time to practice this new map given Masters Iceland is only 4 weeks away

Is Breeze Too Hard?

Perhaps, yesBreeze is wildly divergent in terms of map design. All other Valorant maps are tight corridors with only a few sight lines to block off, but Breeze is just wide-open meaning countless sightlines. It makes taking bombsites on Breeze very challenging unless your squad is fully coordinated using their smokes and walls in unison. Something pro teams have never really had to do in Valorant so far. Whereas on other maps, it literally takes a single smoke to block off a sight line, on Breeze, this is not possible. These are just some of the possible reasons for the map's removal from Masters Reykjavik. 

We'll see how the fans react to this announcement because seeing pros play on a new map is probably the most exciting thing about Masters Reykjavik. We guess that many were looking forward to seeing how Breeze challenged the pros. Is it competitive integrity or spectacle? Choose one but not both! 

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