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Time for a vacation

New Valorant Map Breeze is Basically Confirmed

New Valorant Map Breeze Confirmed
Wander. There's your Instagram caption. (Credit: Riot Games - Valorant Map Breeze)

Valorant's new map Foxtrot is actually called Breeze, and it seems like it is coming very soon. Also, this is not a leak, this is a teaser coming from Riot Games themselves, meaning that this tropical island map is now all but confirmed.

Finally, we are getting a new map! The first Valorant map of 2021 is basically confirmed and everything we speculated is coming true. Missed our speculations? No biggie, you can catch up here:

Turns out the tropical island map first hinted at for Valorant's April Fool's event was more than just a joke.

What We Now About the New Valorant Map

Back on April 1 we saw Cypher at a sandy, tropical beach with palm trees and rumored that it might be the new map. Well... what do you know? It is.  
The new Valorant Map is called Breeze, and it looks like this:

Unfortunately that's all we got from now. Still, these official images being uncovered all but confirm the new tropical island map.

When Will New Valorant Map Breeze Be Released?

Since we only got a confirmation in name and look only, we don't have an official release date yet. Still, we strongly assume that the new map will be released on April 21 with the start of Episode 2 Act 3. That's all we know for now, but we expect data miners to change that very soon.
So not too long until you can finally make up for whatever vacation-dreams Corona took from you: Visit Breeze, or 'Visitez Breeze' as the picture so confidently asks:

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