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Stinger and Bulldog actually good?

New Valorant Bug Makes Stinger and Bulldog OP

New Valorant Bug Makes Stinger and Bulldog OP
Thank Lothar for this one. | © Riot Games/LotharHS via Youtube

It feels like a day doesn't pass without finding another huge bug in Valorant. In today's edition, we'll be exploring one that makes the Stinger and Bulldog OP. Is it too good to be true?

Another day, another bug. This time, it's not a map nor ability exploit, but related to the most important thing in Valorant – the weapons. We haven't seen a new weapon from Riot over the past year, and the meta was getting stagnant. The devs tried to shake it up with patch 3.00, which changed the prices of the most underused weapons. Sadly, that didn't have the desired effect. A newly-discovered bug might be able to do what the patch couldn't – make the Stinger and Bulldog viable.

Stinger and Bulldog OP Thanks to the Latest Bug

The Stinger and the Bulldog aren't exactly popular weapons in Valorant. Their prices are weird and there are usually better options – like going echo or buying a Sheriff with some armor. What if the Stinger and Bulldog were actually accurate, though? Well, there's a perfect bug in the game right now to answer that question. It was discovered by no other than G2 Lothar.

In the short clip above, Lothar demonstrates the bug which works for both the Stinger and the Bulldog. To put it simply, it's a bug with the scope, which allows you to burst fire with perfect accuracy. The problem, of course, is that you'll be stuck with playing these weapons, but as Lothar suggested, it's a viable strategy for half-buy rounds.

What's even more impressive with this bug, is the fact that it can remain accurate even while moving. That's a huge advantage. Riot recently nerfed the Run & Gun style of play with patch 3.00, but it turns out there's still a way to do it. Anyone can use this bug, as it features no hacks or scripts. Also, it'll work for any rifle that has a scope. You'll just have to rebind your keys to make it as fast as possible and enjoy the extra kills. Lothar was kind enough to do a short guide on it.

Happy hunting! 

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