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New Valorant Agent Astra is Here! We Got All the Scoop on Episode 2 Act 2!


Astra is the name of the new agent who will be added to the Valorant squad in Episode 2 Act 2. We summarised everything we know about Astra and the Battle Pass for Episode 2 Act 2 right here.

On March 2, Episode 2 Act 2 of Valorant will be available. As expected, with the new act comes a new agent. Who is she, and what can she do? Well, well, well... wouldn't you like to know?

Valorant Agent Astra Episode 2 Act 2
Astra channels cosmic energy. We can't help but wonder if she's connected to Omen... (Credit: Riot)

Who's the New Valorant Agent?

Well, she goes by the name of Astra and hails all the way from Ghana. If that sounds familiar, then... you know... we kinda already guessed that a little while back. No big deal...

Valorant Agent Astra Episode 2 Act 2
All that's missing is the Infinity Gauntlet... (Credit: Riot)

Astra is a controller and will, well, control the game with her abilities. She draws her power from the cosmos (uhhh... OP?) and according to Riot she's the type of agent that "has the whole map under her control." Yup. That's a lot of control in one paragraph, and I'm officially getting flashbacks to my last relationship.

Astra's design is heavily influenced by Afrofuturism and that's very evident from the pictures you see all over this article. We love it!

Valorant Agent Astra Episode 2 Act 2
Uh, where can I get those sneakers though? (Credit: Riot)

What's in the Battle Pass for Valorant Episode 2 Act 2?

For 1000 VP you get skins, sprays and cards. Riot was really listening to the community on this one: Everybody and their momma wanted Polyfox Skins. Now we're getting them.

Good job, Riot.

Valorant Agent Astra Episode 2 Act 2
Bullying, but with guns. Not cool. (Credit: Riot)

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