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Riot to Nerf Run & Gun in Valorant Episode 3

Riot to nerf Run & Gun in Valorant Episode 3
Will the Run and Gun end with Episode 3? | © Riot Games

If you've played Valorant recently, you probably noticed that Run and Gun is still a thing. Riot already made some changes earlier this year, and Episode 3 in Valorant will finish the job. Hopefully.

Valorant is most often compared to CS:GO. While the latter rewards you for precise movement and high accuracy, Valorant still has an issue with Run and Gun. Naturally, a big portion of the player base isn't happy with that. Things were especially bad a year ago when Riot's shooter first launched, as even weapons different from SMGs were unexpectedly accurate while moving. Riot Games nerfed the Run and Gun style at the start of 2021, but it wasn't enough. Now, with Episode 3 Act 1 around the corner, the developers are planning even more changes that'll put an end to Run and Gun.

Run and Gun To Get Nerfed in Valorant Episode 3

Valorant is now a year old and throughout the past twelve months, Riot Games showed that they're definitely listening to player feedback. That's why the fact that Run and Gun still exists is a bit baffling. Valorant designers Max Grossman and Sal Garozzo shed some light on the topic:

Tag into accuracy’ is our internal name for a phenomenon where a fully running player starts firing at you without slowing down; then, you shoot and hit them, applying the tagging debuff and slowing them down. While we believe that there are certain situations that moving and shooting should be powerful, it is currently more potent than we’d like.

The devs at Riot won't be removing the moving accuracy as a whole, but with Episode 3 even walking players will suffer a great penalty to their aim.

Walk Shooting has been reasonably accurate in VALORANT, allowing players to get off semi-accurate shots even at mid-range. With the changes to walk accuracy, shooting while walking will be significantly less effective at medium ranges, rewarding players who proactively stop before they shoot.

Run and Gun is definitely getting a serious nerf in the upcoming Episode 3, but so is walking. Chances are, players will need some time to get used to the changes, but we believe it's all for the better. After all, Valorant is a tactical shooter that aims to compete with CS:GO. What are your thoughts on the matter? Should Run and Gun get completely removed from Valorant? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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