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What are the most played agents in 2.08?

The Most Picked Agents in Valorant Patch 2.08

Valorant Agent Pick Rate patch 2.08
The Top Agents in 2.08! (Credit: Riot Games)

Agents, we have one mission today. To find out who are the most picked agents in Valorant patch 2.08. We look at all leagues of Valorant and tell you the top 7 agents in patch 2.08. Let’s dive into the stats and see what Agent is at the top of the meta.

The agent meta in Valorant is ever-changing, as Riot Games nerfs and buffs agents every patch. The most picked agents have shifted in patch 2.08. With the VCT Stage 2 having just ended, a new meta report is more than overdue. 


The Most Picked Agents in Valorant Patch 2.08

Valorant Patch 2.08 Agent Pick Rate
Top 7 Agents Valorant Patch 2.08 (Credit: Valorbuff)

If we look at the meta in terms of pick rate, we see the top 3 Agents lead by a margin. Sage, Reyna and Jett are your most picked agents in patch 2.08.

Top 7 Agents:

  1. Sage: 78.7%
  2. Reyna: 66.5%
  3. Jett: 60.9%
  4. Raze: 47.6%
  5. Omen: 44.9%
  6. Sova: 37%
  7. Killjoy: 33.6%

Agents Patch 2.08 Ranked by Win Rate:

Valorant Patch 2.08 Agent Win Rate
Top 7 Agents Valorant Patch 2.08 (Credit: Valorbuff)

The Patch 2.08 meta according to win rate tells a totally different story for the Agent pick rate. Well, the exact numbers for 2.08 are not fully seen yet. What we can see is a major shift in Valorant meta is already taking place.

Top 7 Agents:

  1. Killjoy: 51.5%
  2. Reyna: 50.9%
  3. Sage: 50.7%
  4. Raze: 50.7%
  5. Jett: 50.2%
  6. Viper: 50%
  7. Brimstone: 49.9%

Killjoy, Renya, and Sage all share a close win rate but Jett drops a few spots out of the top 5 when compared to her pick rate. This means Jett is picked often but to poor success. 

The Agent Meta Rundown:

  • Top Agents in Patch 2.08: Reyna and Sage
  • Agents to Watch: Viper and Killjoy
  • Only pick Jett if you got the skills!

Also of note, Viper has skyrocketed in popularity due to her recent changes and Killjoy is also looking strong with the best win rate out of all agents. Expect the meta to also slightly shift, as Breeze got added to the competitive map pool and this will influence each Agent's pick rate.

When the next patch is released, we will once again give you the rundown of pick rates in Patch 2.09. Until next time Agent!

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