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Who got nerfed the most?

The Most Nerfed Agents in Valorant Patch 3.00

The Most Nerfed Agents in Valorant’s Patch 3.00
Guess who got nerfed! | © Riot Games

The long-anticipated Episode 3 Act 1 is finally live in Valorant, along with the new agent KAY/O. But what about the rest? Who got nerfed the most? Here's our take.

The 3.00 patch in Valorant, received a warm welcome from the community. Riot finally added a new agent with KAY/O and even addressed the Run and Gun issue. In addition to that, the 3.00 update included numerous balance changes and cost tweaks. Some agents got the shorter end of the stick with a cost increase on their most powerful abilities, while others were untouched. On top of that, the game's weapon economy was also significantly adjusted, with half the weapons getting a price reduction.

Who Got Nerfed in Valorant Patch 3.00?

Going through the patch notes of Valorant 3.00, we notice that some agents really got nerfed. Here are the characters that ended up on the wrong side of the patch.


The latest controller in Valorant is arguably the most nerfed agent in 3.00. Sure, her stars now cost 150 credits instead of 200, but the cooldowns on Gravity Well/Nebula got increased from 12 seconds to 25 seconds. That's massive, and it really changes the pace at which you can play Astra. Her kit is already more complex than any other agent, and this nerf is just rubbing salt in the wound.


It's hard to decide whether Breach got better or worse after the 3.00 patch. We're willing to bet on the latter. The credits cost of his abilities got increased. Here are all the notable changes:

  • Aftershock went from 100 credits to 200 credits
  • Flashpoint went from 200 credits to 250 credits
  • Faultline cooldown got increased from 35 to 40 seconds

In addition to the cost and cooldown tweaks, Aftershock received a rework. The ability used to create a single blast that could hit enemies for 150 damage. After the 3.00 patch, Aftershock will release not one but three consecutive blasts, each hitting for 60 damage. That's more damage overall, but much harder to land.

Valorant Agent Jett
Even after the nerfs Jett will still be a viable pick. | © Riot Games


Jett is one of the most played agents in the higher ranks and by pro players. Her mobility is unmatched, and she can delete an entire team with her ultimate. The 3.00 patch didn't change her that much and only tweaked some costs.

  • Cloud Burst went from 100 credits to 200 credits
  • Updraft went from 100 credits to 150 credits
  • Blade Storm point cost was changed from 6 points to 7

The biggest change of the three is her ultimate cost, as she'll be using it less often from now on. Overall, could've been much worse.


Another popular agent in the lower ranks that can totally dominate a match. Raze got hit hard by the latest patch, with the cost of her Boom Bot jumping from 200 credits to 400! In addition, her ultimate now costs 8 points instead of 7. Will she ever recover? Will players still pick her? Yea, definitely.


The Aussie agent got only two changes, but one of them may impact her playstyle a lot. Her ultimate is still the same and Regrowth is also the same, but Trailblazer now costs 250 credits instead of 200. The big tweaks were to Guiding Light. Her eagles now have only 3 charges and cost 250 credits instead of 100. That's quite the increase in price. In addition, there's now a 40-second cooldown on her flashes that renew. Are the changes good? Only time will tell, but for now they seem like nerfs.

This concludes our list with the most nerfed agents of patch 3.00! Do you agree with it? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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