Envy and Gambit Make It To Masters: Berlin Finals!

Masters Berlin Semifinals Results
Who will be the next Valorant Masters Champion? | © VCT

After two exciting matches, we finally now know who has secured a slot in the Grand Final of the Masters: Berlin tournament — it's Team Envy and Gambit Esports. Who's going to take the Valorant Masters title?

Alright, there were no weak teams at the Masters: Berlin tournament, but there can only be one winner. The grand finals will feature the top two teams from the EMEA and NA regions — Team Envy and Gambit Esports. Just a month ago, we already pointed out the strength of some players from these teams (like yay and nAts). As it turns out, not without a good reason. Both currently have the highest KDA ratio in the entire tournament, and as we think about it now, we couldn't have dreamed of better finals.

Masters Berlin Semifinals Recap

G2 vs Gambit Masters Berlin
History has been made! | © VCT

The Masters Berlin semifinals didn't last too long. Both matches ended with a 2:0 score, with Gambit Esports vs. G2 ending in total domination by Gambit. This encounter will go down in history — 13:0 on Icebox with a light hand? We've never had anything like that.

The second semifinal was no worse, as it was a clash of two NA titans. It was hard to decide the favorite of this match; both teams played each other many times with different results. But this time, Envy proved to be better; by the way, they defeated Sentinels 2:0 in the quarterfinals. So, here we have the finals, with two teams that are doing incredibly well in this Valorant patch. But as we said earlier — there can only be one winner.

How To Watch Masters Berlin Finals?

You can watch the Grand Finals of the Masters Berlin on the official Valorant channel on Twitch.tv, September 19 at 18:00. The broadcast will probably start a little earlier, probably about an hour before the game. We don't know much more about the Grand Finals yet, but be sure to follow our Instagram and Twitter because we are in Berlin, and you never know what we can surprise you with! Moreover, consider joining our Discord and let us know your predictions for the Grand Finals of the Valorant Masters Berlin tournament.

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