How to Watch The Red Bull Home Ground Valorant Invitational: Teams & Streams

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The Red Bull Home Ground invitational will bring the best EMEA has to offer to the battlefield. The Valorant Home Ground tournament prizes, streams and teams are all set.
RedBull Home Ground Invitational Valorant
EMEA Valorant gets RedBull | © Riot Games / RedBull

The best 16 teams in the EMEA region of Valorant will get an EU-only tournament to see who is currently the best squad in Riot's shooter. Many teams at the moment are fighting for a spot in the VCT, as the LCQs in NA and EMEA are taking place soon. We will get to see what squad in each region sneaks into the huge Valorant tournament at the end of the year. But, to get us there...

Red Bull presents: The Home Ground Invitational in London, England.

What Valorant Teams Are In The Red Bull Home Ground Invitational?

The following squads will do battle in the Red Bull Home Ground Invitational starting on November 4.

  • Tenstar (polvi, Br0die, Russ, KRAY, stanley)
  • Acend (BONECOLD, cNed, Kiles, starxo, zeek)
  • Futbolist (mag0o, mojj, SasuKe, STERBEN, qRaxs, Sytu, GAIS)
    (Magnum, Boaster, Doma, Mistic, Derke)
  • SuperMassive Blaze (pAura, Turko, russ, Izzy, Brave)
  • Heretics (lowel, MONSTEERR, al0rante)
  • Anubis (Tuna, fr0st, chrollo, avez, zizox, shalaby, Quantum)
  • FPX (ANGE1, Shao, Zyppan, Suygetsu)
  • Gambit (d3ffo, Chronicle, nAts, Redgar, Sheydos)
  • BIG CLAN (Twisten, Kaspe, gob, AslaN, Obnoks
  • BDS (AKUMAAAAA, GatsH, rodeN, logaN, hoppY, TakaS)
  • G2 Esports (mixwell, nukkye, AvovA, koldamenta, keloqz)
  • Guild Esports (bonkar, Yacine, Leo, Sayf, draken, BARBARR)
  • Team Liquid (soulcas, L1NK, ScreaM, Jamppi. Nivera, Sliggy)
  • Vodafone GIANTS (Ambi, Meddo, hoody, Fit1nho, Davidp)

What Format is the RedBull Home Ground Invitational?

There is always a bit of a twist to RedBull events, and here it is the home ground advantage! It is a best-of-five where each team selects their "home ground" and plays the first two maps on their respective picks. If a team manages to go 2-0 on their map, they will break the tie and win, however, if each squad wins a map, it will default to a traditional Bo5. The matches should still be very competitive, and the prize pool is set for 50,000 euros!

How to Watch the RedBull Home Ground Invitational

Check out the action on the official Red Bull YouTube and Twitch channels, and the finals are set for November 7.

One last thing, if you think your Valorant squad got what it takes to compete with the pros, then there are open qualifiers taking place soon, check out all the details on That's right, if you manage to qualify, you can play in the RedBull Home Ground too.

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