How To Unlock Valorant Agents

For now, we have 16 Agents in Valorant, and each of them has a unique playstyle. How do you unlock them all in the shortest possible time? Is it possible to do this without spending real money? Let's check it out!
How To Unlock Valorant Agents
Let us help you unlock any Valorant Agent you want! | © ExCharnyArt

Something that sets Valorant apart from other tactical shooter games are all those Agents that offer different play styles. And despite having access to the same weapons, it's the Agents that keep the game fresh. In games like CSGO, the meta game can stay the same for months; however, in Valorant, it's virtually impossible. The ability to add more Agents and balance is one of the factors that has allowed Riot to keep Valorant on the market for so long and keep winning more players. But to keep Valorant from becoming boring after a while, it would be nice to have access to as many Agents as possible. For now, there are 2 ways to unlock Valorant Agents — either by completing free contracts or buying them with Valorant Points.

Free Contracts

Each Valorant Agent has a free contract that allows you to unlock it for gaining a certain amount of XP. To activate such a contract, you must:

  1. Go to the Agents tab in the main menu
  2. Select the Agent you wish to unlock
  3. Click on "Activate"
How To Unlock Valorant Agents Free Contract
This is the first step to unlocking any Valorant Agent | © Valorant

And that's pretty much it! Once you reach Tier 5 of a contract (i.e., collect 60,000 XP), the Agent of your choice will now appear in your collection. When such contract is on, any XP gained will count towards it. If you deliberate about choosing an Agent, you can always choose some other Valorant character to unlock. Your progress will still save on your previous Agent contract.

If you choose this method of unlocking Agents, it would be best to focus on Daily and Weekly Missions and playing in Unrated or Competitive mode to make the process faster. For the best ways to get fast XP in Valorant, be sure to check out this article: 3 Tips On How To Level Up a Valorant Battle Pass Faster

Real Money

How To Unlock Valorant Agents Real Money
You can unlock any Agent right away by spending 1000 Valorant Points | © Valorant

Another way to get Agents is to buy them with Valorant Points, but to do this, you must first add some amount of real money to your Riot account. As we've mentioned earlier, to unlock any Agent, we must first complete 5 Tiers of their Free Contract and therefore accumulate 60,000 XP. But we can skip this process by unlocking tiers with real money! One Agent Contract Tier costs 200 Valorant Points, which is something about $2. So, to get an Agent without going through any Tiers of their contract, you will have to spend 1000 Valorant Points ($10). And honestly, that's a pretty good deal! Completing one such contract will often require you to commit one or two Valorant sessions, so it's worth thinking about if you don't have a lot of time in your schedule.

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