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How to Play Viper


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Valorant is already a year old and if you haven’t tried it yet it’s never too late. With our How to Play agent guide series you’ll get a quick introduction to each of the characters on the roster. Right now there are 15 agents. Patch 2.08 marked the beginning of the new Act 3 and added the brand-new map Breeze but didn’t introduce a new agent – something that hasn’t happened before.
There are currently four Controllers in the game – Omen, Viper, Brimstone and Astra. Viper was the total underdog for almost a year. Just recently, things finally changed for her as Riot Games decided that’s it’s time for some much-needed buffs. And buffs she received.

Viper’s utility allows her to completely dominate an area and keeps enemy out or risking their lives. Viper’s Pit is unmatched in zoning out the enemy team and one of the best skill in a clutch scenario. Her unique fuel system makes her interesting to play for many and now that the buffs are finally in, she’s actually a viable pick.


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