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How To Do Viper’s Swoop Peek in Valorant

How to do Viper's Swoop Peek in Valorant
Viper got some nice buffs in Valorant Patch 2.06! (Credit: Riot Games)

Viper is often regarded as one of the worst agents in Valorant but she got recently buffed with patch 2.06 and there's a high chance we'll be seeing more of her. Here's how to do her so-called Swoop Peek!

With Valorant's patch 2.06, Riot Games buffed two of the most undesirable agents: Yoru and Viper. In this article, we'll be focusing on the latter. The toxic Controller was in dire need of an upgrade and maybe she'll be a viable pick from now on again. There's one thing, though. Viper always had an advantage over the rest of the cast with her Swoop Peek maneuver.

What's Viper's Swoop Peek?

The Swoop Peek is something not a whole lot of people know of, mainly due to the fact that almost nobody plays Viper. Many of the agents on the roster have access to a cloud of smoke, but Viper's version just works in a different way and it can be toggled off. Viper's smoke dissipates faster for Viper, which gives her the advantage, and that gives her some easy kills.

Viper's Swoop Peak mechanic explained! from VALORANT

How to do Viper's Swoop Peek?

Swoop Peek doesn't seem to be working on other agents, only Viper. In order to use it, just place down a smoke, get inside and toggle it off. You'll have a solid advantage, as you'll be seeing the enemy before they see you. Careful though, if an enemy sniffs you out or knows about the technique, it might just lead to spraying inside your smoke or dropping other utilities into it.

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Whether the interaction is just a bug that Riot hasn't cleared out remains to be seen. Have you used Viper's Swoop Peek or played against it? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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