How To Check How Much Money You’ve Spent on Valorant

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How To Check How Much Money You’ve Spent on Valorant
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The number of skin bundles in Valorant grows with every new Act, and it's hard to get lost in them. If you ever wondered how much money you've already spent on Valorant, we have the answer. Here's how to find out.

There's definitely a lack of content in Valorant after the release of a new Act. You could say that players are just waiting for the next Act, and you'd be right. If there's one thing that's constant in Valorant, it's the skins. That's something else in common with Riot's other big title – League of Legends. There was a recent collaboration with the Ruination and Sentinels of Light bundles making their way into Valorant.

Does Valorant Have Too Many Skins?

The answer to that question can be purely subjective. Despite that, one could argue that Valorant's design team is really pushing the limit in terms of content. It's not just the number of skins, but also the fact that they have multiple styles and levels that you can unlock – by spending more. You can easily see where we're going with this. A lot of players are definitely spending more than they should be on what is actually a "free game". So, how much did you spend?

How To Check How Much You’ve Spent in Valorant

In order to answer that question, you'll either have to keep track of every purchase you've made in Valorant, or just do it the easy way. You can easily check how much you've spent in Valorant by simply logging in with your Riot Games account. Just follow these steps:

If your result is $0.00 then congrats for resisting the temptation to throw money at the screen. Beware though, Riot will probably try to get you with one of their next bundles like Oni 2.0.

Are you surprised by the amount you've spent in Valorant? Is it less than you expected? Why not share your results on Facebook or Twitter!

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