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How To Change Your Name in Valorant

How To Change Your Name in Valorant
Our quick guide will help you do it! (Credit: Riot Games)

Want to change your Valorant name, but you don't know how? We're here to help you with a few easy steps you can follow and some things to consider when doing it.

You were a bit too excited about the Valorant closed beta a year ago and made a Riot account with haste. Chances are, you're not happy with your name. Even if that's not the case, and you want to change it for any other reason, we're here to give you a quick guide on how to change your name in Valorant.

How Do I Change My Name in Valorant?

First and foremost let's say that Riot has chosen a different approach to players changing their name when compared to League of Legends. In order to change your name in LoL, it'll cost you, while in Valorant it's free. In addition, you can change your name in Valorant every 30 days. Here are a few easy steps to change your name in Valorant:

Valorant Change Riot ID name tagline
This is what you're looking for. (Credit: Riot Games)
  • Type the new Riot ID and/or Tagline you want
  • Hit "Save Changes" and you're done

Your Riot ID must be at least four characters long and a maximum of 16. The tagline can contain between 3 and 5 numbers or letters. After you're done with the changes, launch Valorant as usual, and you should be good to go with a brand-new identity.

Have you changed your Valorant name already? Are 30 days a bit too much of a cooldown period? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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