How Pokimane Hit Immortal Rank in Valorant!

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Pokimane hit immortal! | © Riot Games/Pokimane

Pokimane has hit Immortal rank in the current season of Valorant, and we'll show you how she accomplished this very difficult task, because ranking in Valorant is pretty dang tough. Let's look at how Pokimane was able to hit Immortal rank in Valorant Episode 03, Act 2.

Whether you are a fan of Pokimane or not, you cannot deny the massive skill it takes to hit Immortal in Valorant. Competitive spirits are high in the Valorant community at the moment as the Berlin Masters has crowned its next Championships participant, Gambit esports. To get in on the Valorant brags, Pokimane took to Twitter to reveal her hard work at the tactical shooter has paid off.

We have all been there in Valorant, stuck at the same rank for weeks or months, and just yo-yoing in Diamond, or like me, eternally stuck Iron! Pokimane however, has hit Immortal rank after being stuck in Diamond for a long time, according to the streamer. Pokimane's humblebrag also comes with details on how to improve your Valorant game, so you too can join her in Valorant immorality. Let's check out what the streamer has to say about getting better at Valorant and what she did to climb the ranks.

How Did Pokimane Hit Immortal in Valorant?

Pokimane's Valorant Tips & Tricks for Ranked:

  • Aim Train: This one is pretty much echoed by all the pros and 100% the best way to improve your game.
  • Master 2-3 Agents: Know how to play agents in different roles, so you can fill out holes in your lobby's team composition.
  • Communicate map calls: in voice chat, try to describe the enemies' location.
  • Master Eco Rounds: You need to master a low-cost weapon like the Sheriff
  • Try to pick up high-value guns: this will save you tons of cash, so you have it when it counts the most.
  • Hype up your team: Morale is a thing, the comeback is always possible, and brush off bad rounds.

Pokimane also recommends you watch the video by YouTuber FPS Tammy, Immortal Level Aim. You guessed it, this video gives you great advice on how to improve your aim in Valorant. If you can't tell by now, aim is the single most essential skill in Valroant for any player, noob or pro, especially if you have no FPS experience. We will also add that Valorant is a tactical shooter, so even if you got the Halo or CoD skills, you will find Valorant slower and way less forgiving.

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