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"The ranked system is just trash, I'm over it"

Hiko Calls the Valorant Ranked System "Trash"

Hiko Calls the Valorant Ranked System Trash
Hiko had some things to say about the Valorant ranked system. (Credit: Hiko via Youtube)

100 Thieves Valorant player Spencer "Hiko" Martin slammed the Valorant ranked system yet again calling it "trash". Is it really that bad?

Valorant's ranked system has been a topic of discussion for almost a year now. Back when it was first released a huge glaring problem were the names of the ranks. Riot Games eventually changed the rank "Valorant" and a lot of confusion was put to rest. What about the actual ranked system though? Well, according to many casual and pro players, there's a lot to be desired. Spencer "Hiko" Martin went a step further and simply called it "trash".

Hiko slams the Valorant ranked system

Hiko's not happy with the Valorant ranked system, and he's definitely not the only pro player to hold that opinion. Yesterday he made it clear in a live stream while talking to his chat.

According to Hiko every game in the high ranks of Valorant is a coin flip - your team is either good or bad with nothing in between. The other problem is the boosted players/account buyers:

The problem that I have is when somebody looks boosted. When they look like they have no idea what they're doing, they have no idea how to use their abilities, their crosshair placement is on the floor. If you're missing your shots, ok, if you go 3-15, ok but the problem is people that literally don't know how to play the game.

Many of his viewers argued that this problem is mostly happening in the higher ranks where Hiko resides. 

I feel like that ranked should not award you more points if you're getting carried or boosted. Especially for lower ranks, if you're duo'd or trio'd and you're going 3-18 every game but you're winning like 13-1 you shouldn't get any points at all. Something they should consider is that if you're blatantly being boosted, those games where you have 5 kills but you're winning you shouldn't get elo.

Do you agree with Hiko? Are you also experiencing heavily one-sided games that are no fun? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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