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Will they change the rules?

Gender Verification Prevents TSM Zoe From Entering All-Female Tournament

Gender Verification Prevents TSM Zoe From Entering All-Female Tournament
TSM Zoe, second right to left. (Credit: TSM)

The Valorant Super Girl Gamer tournament is about to start this Saturday and TSM Zoe was prevented from entering for not having gender identity papers.

With the announcement of Valorant Game Changers, Riot Games marked the start of equal opportunities for everyone in Valorant. Game Changers offered female players a chance to shine in the Valorant competitive scene. Now, TSM's Zoe is unable to join a tournament due to identity papers that reveal her gender.

Valorant Girl Gamer won't allow TSM Zoe

The Super Girl Gamer Series will be a series of tournaments in various esports titles starting with Valorant qualifiers this Saturday, May 15. Many of the big esports organizations already have female or mixed rosters that are ready to compete but it looks some of them have trouble entering the event. TSM's Zoe “Zoe” Servais wasn't allowed at the event for not having the proper identity documents that reveal her gender.

The problem is that Zoe is a transgender woman and her identity papers haven't been changed legally. This appears to be a problem for the Super Girl Gamer Series but also raises several questions. If players don't get asked for papers to verify their identity and gender what's going to stop male pro players from entering the event?

Thankfully the organizers of the event were swift to respond and promised that "changes will be made"

It's not yet clear what these changes will be. Will the Girl Gamer tournament change the rules so Zoe can join or will she be treated as an exception to avoid further drama and complications? Only time will tell. What's your take on the matter? Should players in an all-female Valorant tournament be asked for identity papers? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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