Gambit Esports Win the Valorant Stage 3 Masters Berlin!

Masters Berlin Winners
Our new Valorant Masters! | © VCT

Masters Berlin has just come to an end, and we already know our new Valorant Masters! It's Gambit Esports, who stopped an extremely impressive winning streak from Team Envy (8-0).

It was 10 days of Valorant eSports at the highest level. Top teams, high-quality production, and many historic moments culminated with the Gambit Esports' triumph. With their victory, they proved that they belong to the best of the best, and they already have a guaranteed slot in the Valorant Champions tournament (aka Worlds). We all knew from the beginning that this final match would be exciting, but we didn't expect it to be to this extent.

Masters Berlin Grand Finals

The Grand Finals match of the VCT Stage 3 was between the two giants of the tournament — Gambit Esports vs. Team Envy. Both teams did outstanding things at this tournament; come on, Envy won against 100 Thieves and Sentinels. However, you guys were betting on Gambit as your Masters Berlin winner if we look at our Twitter poll. And no surprise either; they finished their last semifinal game with a 13-0 score on Icebox! Nevertheless, there could only be one Valorant Masters champion.

And even though everyone expected an even match, nothing came of it. The Grand Finals of Masters Berlin ended with a 3-0 score for Gambit Esports, while Team Envy had to acknowledge the superiority of their EMEA opponent. We could clearly see the tactical preparation from Gambit; it even seemed like they knew all of Envy's grenade lineups and were ready to counter them anytime. It looked as if they had been preparing all night for this final match! Here are all the map scores:

  • 1st map — Bind (15:13)
  • 2nd map — Haven (13:11)
  • 3rd map — Split (13:9)

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