G2 Dethrones Sentinels at Valorant Berlin Masters

Valorant -
Berlin Master gs vs sentinels
G2 show Sentinels how to play! | © Riot Games/G2/Sentinels

The Valorant Berlin Masters is underway, and the top highlight from the group stage was the rather one-sided match between G2 and Sentinels. Let’s dive into the details of this historic Valorant match: G2 vs Sentinels!

The Berlin Masters are heading into the playoffs with the grand finals taking place on September 19, but not before G2 plants their flag and asserts their dominance on stage against the previous king of Valorant, Sentinels.

The match between G2 and Sentinels was a much-hyped match leading into the upcoming playoffs, with Sentinels holding the long-standing record of being undefeated on LAN. Until now, G2 stomped Sentinels in their best of three match at the Valorant Masters in Berlin.

G2 Vs Sentinels Berlin Masters Group Stage Match

The Bo3 match first took place on Ice Box where G2 dismantled Sentinels in a very one-sided map. And if I didn’t tell you who were facing off, you would have thought it a pub stomp like a random squad queuing into a pro team, it was a bloodbath!

  • G2 smashed Sentinels 13 -3 on Ice Box with Keloqz getting 23 kills on Jett!

The next game was on Split and Sentinels did their best to shake off the crushing loss on Ice Box, but it was not enough to stop G2’s momentum. However, the map was much closer this time and actually redeemed the boys at Sentinels. A hard-fought back and forth match, with G2 esports coming out on top and ending Sentinels’ claim to the undefeated on LAN title.

  • G2 battled Sentinels to a 13-11win on Split with AvovA picking up 26 kills on Astra!

Tenz takes to Twitter to farm some love and shout out G2’s great performance. We could be looking at the new kings of Valorant, G2 Esports. G2 has now captured the first seed going into the Berlin Masters playoffs.

Will G2 take down the Berlin Masters, or will Sentinels find the skills and kills to remain number 1? Let us know what you think on our Discord or just meme on us — the choice is yours!

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