How to Fix Van 84 Error Code

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What is the Van 84 Error Code and how do you fix it? We're here to tell you!
Valorant 84 Error Code
How to fix the error code? | © Riot Games

It’s Friday night, you’re booting up your PC after a long day at university or work and are excited to get on with your squad for some ranked in Valorant when all of a sudden you encounter the Van 84 Valorant error code.

Your whole night is ruined. You take that computer, whip it out the window and end up arrested for killing an elderly lady walking her dog. Okay, that got specific real fast, but let’s avoid this scenario at all costs and figure out how to fix the Van 84 error code. Right? Right.

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What is the Van 84 Error Code?

Before we fix the issue we should know what the issue even really is right? Well, the Van 84 Valorant error code means that your client does not establish a connection to the Valorant servers.

Now, big shocker here guys, Valorant is an online game, which means you sort of need to be able to have access to the servers. You need to be able to get online to play with your pals.

So now that we know what the error code even is we can find a way to fix this and that’s what we’re going to do right now!

How to Fix Van 84 Valorant Error Code

So before you get mad at your internet and try to throw your modem in the trash, take a deep breath and keep reading. It isn’t your fault at all that this error code is happening. Rather blame the developers of Valorant – Riot Games.

The error code appears when the servers are down which could be for a multitude of reasons. Game updates are the most common. So the only thing you can really do in this situation is to wait and be patient.

Server maintenance can last from a few minutes up to a few hours. Therefore, check the official Riot Games server status website to make sure that the error is definitely showing up because of Riot Games.

Sadly, if it’s a bigger update you won’t be playing Valorant tonight with the lads. Instead, you might have to open up Steam and play that dreaded C*:G*.