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What Teams Will Face Off in the Grand Finals?

Winner Predictions: VCT Stage 2 EU Semifinals & Grand Finals

VCT EU Standings
VCT Stage 2 EU Predictions (Credit: Riot Games)

Predictions! That is exactly what we are looking at for the VCT EU. What teams will win the VCT Stage 2 EU Challengers Finals? Who will move onto Masters LAN in the EU region of competitive Valorant? Get hyped because the VCT leads to the global Stage 2 Masters LAN. 

When Are the Finals of the VCT Stage 2 Challengers?

  • EU: May 1 & 2 at 3 PM GMT
  • NA: May 1 & 2 at 8 PM GMT

Both Grand Finals will be a best of 5 and regardless of the winner in each region, both grand finalist teams will qualify for the Stage 2 Masters Lan. Catch all the upcoming VCT action on the Champion Tour’s YouTube channels: Valorant Champions Tour (NA) & Valorant Champions Tour (EU)

That means the real battle will take place in the Lower & Upper Bracket Semifinals for each region. The winners of each semifinals will advance to the Masters LAN. Let’s take a look at the current standings in the EU to get a better picture of the battleground.

VCT Stage 2 EU Challengers Finals: Current Standings

VCT EU Standings
Who will make it into the Masters Lan? (Credit: Riot Games)

The first question we must ask: who will Fnatic and Liquid face in the semifinals? Not easy to call on the spot, but if we look at both sets of teams and their experience, we might just see a possible answer and enough information to make a prediction.

In the upcoming Gambit and FPX match, FPX has way more pro matches under their belt. This will literally be Gambit's 3rd pro match as a Valorant team, so the outcome is pretty clear.


FPX takes down Gambit in an easy 2-0 and FPX will therefore face off against Liquid in the semifinals.

However, the match between Guild and OXG is much harder to call because both teams have a similar number of pro matches. So we turn to match history to gain more insight. What teams have they beat in the past? In Guild’s case, they have beaten FPX before, and FPX is a very skilled team. However, OXG has only beaten relatively unknown teams in their pro matches so far.


Guild beats OXG 2-0 or perhaps 2-1, but we are fairly confident that Guild will face off against Fnatic in the semifinals.

We now arrive at the second question: who will win in the two different semifinal matches? Let’s start off with the harder call: FPX vs Liquid. If the previous match is any indication, then Liquid will win. An upper bracket rematch between these two pro teams. Liquid has been on a winning streak lately and the opposite is true for FPX who is in a slump.


Liquid wins 2-1 over FPX. We expect FPX to rally for a close match but will fall short in the end.

Fnatic vs Guild is not exactly an easy call either. Both teams have a similar number of pro matches under their belt, but Fnatic did beat Guild 2-0 in the upper bracket. However, Guild does appear to be the more experienced team in terms of pro match history.

PREDICTION: Guild vs. Fnatic

Guild wins 2-1 over Fnatic, upsetting the more popular esports org, but our confidence in this prediction is much weaker.

Grand Finals Winner VCT Stage 2 EU Semi Challengers Grand Finals 

We predict Liquid will win 3-1 over Guild in the VCT Stage 2 EU Challengers Grand Finals. 

What do you think of our predictions? Are we in touch or out of tune with the Valorant Pro scene? Let us know on Twitter!

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