3 Features Our Discord Community Would Add To Valorant

Valorant, like any popular multiplayer game, is not perfect. But there are some features that can bring it a little closer to being perfect.
3 Things Our Discord Community Would Change About Valorant
And what would you change? | © Riot Games

So, we all love Valorant, but we all have things that we feel are missing from the game. After all, it's a fairly fresh product; it's only been on the market for a year, and it's still thriving. We asked you for your opinions on potential features that could be added to Valorant, and you gave us clear answers — you want them all in-game. Let's talk about them, and who knows, maybe someone from Riot will come across this article and decide to add at least one? That would be cool, as we also think all these would make the game simply better.

Custom Maps

Valorant Custom Maps
Do you have any custom maps ideas already? | © Discord

FPS players are not used to being dependent on what a developer will prepare for them in terms of maps and modes. Valorant's player base contains many creatives that would probably be willing to share some of their talents for the game, and we already know that we have such individuals in our community. Imagine what would happen if Riot decided to make such a feature today. We'd get so many fun game modes and maps; it would take just a couple of weeks to find some people that would recreate locations like Summoner's Rift from LoL, or Dust 2 from CS:GO.

Player Replacement Bots

Valorant Player Replacement Bots
Valorant's bots don't seem to be smart enough for that yet, though | © Discord

How often do you get to play with an AFK, rage-quitter, or a guy with a poor internet connection? Pretty often, huh? What if this guy played Agent, which is very key in your lineup and current situation? Nightmare. Player replacement bots might not solve this problem entirely, but they would certainly help a lot. Unfortunately, Valorant's bots don't seem so smart right now, and we wouldn't suspect them of making any kills on a ranked game. However, what if we could at least position such a bot in a specific place with some command to possibly take it over later?

Vote Kick System

Valorant Kick System
Could be a little abused, but it's definitely needed | © Discord

Sometimes, there are some players that we would rather not play with. And sure, the vote kick system could work counter-productively and create toxic situations instead of fighting them. However, since stacks aren't that popular in ranked games, and we often play with people who don't know each other very well, so if everyone wants to kick a particular player, it's probably for a good reason. Moreover, Riot openly says that they need to fight toxic players, and this feature could serve as a good tool for that. And, of course, this feature would work great with player replacement bots.