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The best in each position!

The Best Valorant Agents in Each Class

The Best Valorant Agents in Each Class
Here are the winners! | © Daffodil Tran via Artstation

Riot's tactical shooter came out over a year ago and throughout that time, it added numerous agents. The agent roster in Valorant now totals 16, but they're not evenly split into the four classes. Today, we'll take a look at the best agents in each class.

What really sets Valorant from other competitive shooters, is the fine mix of gun play and abilities. Some would call Riot's title a hybrid between CS:GO and Overwatch, and they're not necessarily wrong. Heroes in Overwatch have a specific role, skills, and their own weapons. In Valorant, all weapons are available to everyone, so what really defines your strategy are the abilities of the agent you picked. Sadly, not all agents are equally good and some are better than others.

The Best Valorant Agents in Each Class

There are four defined classes in Valorant:

  • Duelist
  • Controller
  • Initiator
  • Sentinel

So what's the role of each class?

  • Duelists excel at skirmishes, and they most often take the initiative when attacking.
  • Controllers are good at isolating an area of the map with utility while also offering crowd control.
  • Initiators can force the enemy team to back away and make way for their own.
  • Sentinels focus on the defensive aspect of the game and provide information to their squad.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the best in each class.

Best Duelist


Ever since the closed beta, Jett has been a favorite. Her skills give players unmatched mobility and reward you for kill streaks. Her smoke may be mediocre, but at least she has one, unlike the other duelists. Jett's ultimate is still one of the best in the game in terms of offense, and she's the best agent to pick if you want to use the Operator.

Best Controller


She used to be trash, but look where the buffs got her. Viper has resources to manage, but once you get past that, she's pretty simple to use. She has access to a re-usable smoke, a molly, and a wall that can cut the map in half. Then there's her ultimate, which is the best at holding down a site.

Best Initiator


Much like Jett, Sova has been enjoying popularity for the past year, and we doubt that's going to change. He's Russian, he's efficient, and he's fun to play. Sova's kit allows him to gather info and drive enemies out of hiding better than anyone else. Breach, for instance, is only good at scaring enemies away.

Best Sentinel


Sage is the most beginner-friendly agent in Valorant. She's the only agent on the roster that can offer consistent healing to teammates, and the only one that can bring back a fallen ally. Even after numerous nerfs, her skills are still top-notch, and the wall is as annoying as ever.

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