The Best Valorant Agents For Each Class (Episode 4 Act 1)

The jokes are over – the new Episode has begun, Riot announces tournament mode and minor leagues; it's time to finally get good at the game, Here are a couple of Agents that can help you start Episode 4 with a win streak!

Best Agents Each Class Episode 4
Which one will be your go-to for Episode 4?| © Riot Games

A new Episode has started, and probably a lot of you have the "I'm going to get Radiant this time" resolution. Well, we wish you good luck, but don't forget that every match starts in the Agent selection screen, and the choice you make there is one of the most significant during the entire game. It is not always an easy choice, especially for novice players, so we decided to help you make it by preparing a selection of the best Agents in Episode 4, Act 1. Whether you like to rush B without looking back or are into more control-ish gameplay, here are the best options in the meta for any playstyle:

Best Duelist Agent: Jett

Best Duelist Jett Episode 4 Act 1
Dominating every tierlist since the game's release | © Riot Games

Jett is undoubtedly the most versatile Agent in the game. Whether you prefer to play more aggressively, defensively or even as a "support Agent", she'll do just fine. Unlike other Duelist Agents, she also has access to fast smoke, which gives a wide range of utility with the rest of her abilities. Jett has survived a million nerfs and still dominates absolutely every tier list since beta, and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon. Jett is also the best Valorant Agent to play with a sniper, as she can quickly change positions in a matter of seconds.

Best Controller Agent: Astra

Best Controller Agent Astra
Astra aka Brimstone on steroids | © Riot Games

We can't think of a single map on which Astra would have any weaknesses, for real. It may not be the most straightforward Agent to play, but once you get to know the lineups and learn how to use them in your games, it may feel impossible to stop you sometimes. There are situations where all it takes is one smoke/wall and the opposing team has to change their plans. A great example of that is the play of KRÜ Esports player Joaquín Ignacio "delz1k" Espinoza Soto from the Masters Berlin tournament:

Best Initiator Agent: Sova

Best Initiator Agent Episode 4 Sova
Wall? Duh, not a problem. | © Riot Games

If you are a novice player, Sova is not the Initiator we'd recommend here; just go for a KAY/O or Skye. However, if you already know what the game is all about, and you're willing to learn Sova's lineups, you might find yourself in Radiant at the end of the season. And we mean it! Sova's kit allows him to gather info and drive enemies out of hiding better than anyone else. Luckily for you, we recently put together a very extensive guide for the best Shock Dart lineups on Ascent.

Best Sentinel Agent: Killjoy

Best Sentinel Agent Killjoy Episode 4
Her inventions will take you to the top of the ladder | © Riot Games

All Sentinel Agents are solid, but Killjoy is an easy choice as the best of them. First of all, she's excellent on the defensive side, and her abilities can be super annoying for attacking teams. Moreover, Killjoy can gather a lot of information without being too vulnerable. Even with her Signature Ability, you can sort of "block" rotation from your opponents and therefore gain more map control. Moreover, Killjoy is actually not that hard to learn - she might be a little hard to master, but even if you're starting your Valorant adventure, you shouldn't have any big problems understanding her.